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Kawarau Bridge – Bungy Jumping

If you ever visit Queenstown, New Zealand you have to jump the Kawarau Bridge. Queenstown is known as the “world home of Bungy Jumping”. The Kawarau Bridge was the first Bungy in the world. When I read this on their webpage I told myself I had to jump even if I was scared.

This was my first activity in Queenstown. As soon as I checked into the hotel, the concierge booked the jump for me. The bus that takes you to the bridge was leaving in 30 minutes. At that moment, I started panicking since I needed time to psychologically prepare to jump off a 43 meters bridge.

The safety video that they showed us in the bus was hilarious. As soon as we got there, the staff verified my weight and height. Other jumpers were “freaking out”. The girl in front of me was shaking like she was freezing. I was “calm” I guess…

The staff wrote something on my right hand and then they told me: “Ok, go to the bridge”. I noticed that they have a bar called “Liquid Courage”; you can enjoy a drink (maybe get a little drunk) before you jump! Such a great idea for people that is scared of heights but really want to jump the bridge. Alcohol can make you fight your fears!

Everything happened so quickly. Advice: Do not look down when you are about to jump. Just look ahead and enjoy the beautiful mountains. Close your eyes and just jump. The fall is less than 5 seconds. You don’t have time to think that you are jumping off the bridge. Once you are down, you want to do it again!






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