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Should you go Skydiving? Hell Yes!

Jumping off a plane feels great. If you have the opportunity to go skydiving do it. Here are some things you need to know before going skydiving:

  1. Don’t be afraid of the safety form. It basically tells you that you are going to die the moment you jump off the plane.
  2. It is expensive. And, it’s more expensive if you include pictures in your package. (Which you should totally do, since you will want prove that you jumped off a plane)
  3. If you own a GoPro make sure to bring it! Although, some companies might tell you that you need to buy the photo/video package if you bring your own camera.
  4. If you can drive yourself to the skydiving place, do it. Some companies offer to pick you up and then drop you off but you might have to wait 5 hours until all the people who signed up to skydive jumps.
  5. And finally, pick a place that has an amazing view!

If you are an adrenaline freak you should totally consider going skydiving! Jumping off a plane is exciting and a perfect way to conquer your fears. During the fall you feel a sense of freedom. All the wind is on your face, like a free bird flying. In a weird way, you also feel peace. During those five minutes nothing can distract you. And most important, it’s fun! After the jump is over, you will feel like you can do anything in the world now. Honestly, the best feeling I’ve ever felt!

Next Skydiving jump: Dubai




  1. ojandcigs says

    OMG I just saw the entire skydiving video and I died laughing. I can’t wait to do it! But I feel bad for the guy strapped behind you getting whipped in the face by hair hahaha

  2. ojandcigs says

    OMG. Just saw the entire skydive video now and I died laughing. Can’t wait to do it! But I feel bad for the guy in the back getting whipped by all the hair hahaha

  3. I remember my first time skydiving! Still trying to chase that same level of intensity all these years later. Don’t think I will find something that will top that adrenaline rush! 🙂

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