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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Sydney, Australia

Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales and the most populous city in Australia. Sydney is by far the most beautiful city that I've seen so far. This city has a little bit of everything, you can enjoy the beautiful city and you can also enjoy the wildlife and beach area.

Sydney's Top Attractions

- Sydney Opera House

- Harbor Bridge

- The Rocks

- Toronga Zoo

- Sea life Sydney Aquarium


- Queen Victoria Building

- St. Mary's Cathedral

- Sydney Tower Eye

- Three Sisters

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Sydney, Australia

1. The Sydney Opera House is the coolest building on earth!


2. Hike the Sydney Bridge and see the entire city from another perspective.


3. Learn how to surf in Bondi Beach

Check out “Lets go Surfing” academy and book your 1 hr class.



4. See the entire city at the Sydney Tower Eye

Make reservations for dinner and if you are lucky you can see the Opera House Fireworks.


5. Find people all over the world that are on a long vacation or gap year, or make friends with the locals. The Aussies are very friendly!

6. You can see kangaroos & wallabies in the wildlife.


7. Visit the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

Here's where you can learn all about Australian sea animals. Scuba diving is not my thing!


8. Pet the koalas at the Toronga Zoo!

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to “hold” the koalas in South Wales, but in Melbourne is allowed.



9. Two words: Sydney Harbor!


10. Go hiking to the Blue Mountains 45 minutes away from the city

Enjoy the beautiful view! And, don’t forget to visit the Three Sisters, a famous rock formation in the Blue Mountains.




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    • Mariella says

      I didn’t get a chance to visit Melbourne – Definitely my next stop when I visit Australia once again! – Mariella

  1. I would love to visit Australia! Surfing at Bondi Beach would top my list. And I would obviously need to hold a koala– I guess I have to go to Melbourne for that. But, seriously! The Blue Mountains look gorgeous — putting that on my hiking list.

  2. I’ve been wanting to go to Sydney for ages but the flights to Australia are just so expensive! I’m not a great surfer but would love to catch some waves at Bondi beach and do some hiking around the area! Blue Mountains sound like a perfect day trip for me 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed walking around Sydney. It’s a very cool city and the harbor is quite delightful. We took a ferry ride at sunset and it was magical. I also enjoyed walking the bridge. The views were dizzying!

  4. Ack! I want to go to Australia so badly! I’ve been obsessed with Liane Moriarty books these past few years and she makes Australia seem so exotic! Sydney would be my first stop. I feel like I’d need to visit a few different cities since there’s so much to explore!

  5. Abigail Sinsona says

    Sydney is so beautiful indeed! You have listed quite a few options and I would want to try them all. The Blue Mountains is so beautiful – that’s one that is on my list for sure!

  6. Lisa says

    The Sydney Opera House looks stunning and would be the first place to head to. I’ve only ever seen photos of koalas so seeing them at the zoo would be a must! I’d also like to give surfing at Bondi a try… one day 😀

  7. If only Australia wasn’t so far away.. I really hope to go one day. Mainly in hopes of seeing wombats! hahaha

  8. Anna Schlaht says

    Petting koalas and hiking in the Blue Mountains? I’m SOLD. I’ve always wanted to visit Sydney, though, so you don’t have to persuade me too much. Seeing the Sydney Opera House is also something I’d love to do. 🙂 Great post!

  9. We have just moved to China so Australia is that tiny bit nearer now!! Sydney is definitely top of my list of pales to visit, it looks so awesome!! I of course want to see the Sydney Opera House and the koalas look incredible!! Yes please!

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