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New York, I Love You!

New York city is by far my favorite city in the world! I am lucky enough to visit this amazing city at least five times a year. Every time I go to New York I find something new to do.  But, here are few things that I LOVE to do in the city every time I visit:

  1. Brunch at Sarabeth’s. A must! The ambiance is perfect, the food is delicious, and the mimosas make everything better.
  2. Visit American Kennels on 61st and Lexington Ave. I love the puppies! I get all my puppies from this marvelous place, and every time I go I want to take another baby home.
  3. Eat at the ”big three” as my mom calls it: Balthazar, Buddakan & Serafina.
  4. Walk through Central Park.
  5. Go party in the Meatpacking District. In my opinion the best place to meet up with friends and go bar-hopping
  6. Eat Sprinkles cupcakes. They are delicious and they have an ATM so why not haha
  7. Shop in Bloomingdales! Heaven on earth, as always.
  8. Eat a Hotdog in the Street. Don’t pay more than $3!
  9. Ice Skate at Rockefeller Center. (Fall and Winter only)
  10. Spend time with my best friends that live in the city.

Next on my New York City To Do List:

Touristy Things You Must Do

  1. Visit Grand Central Terminal
  2. Tour the Statue of Liberty
  3. Visit the Empire State
  4. Go to at least two Broadway Musicals
  5. Visit the New York City Public Library
  6. Go to the Top of the Rock Observation Deck
  7. Visit the 9/11 Memorial Museum
  8. Visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  9. Visit the MOMA
  10. Rockefeller Center



  1. Love the black boots in the first pictures! I have been looking for a pair like that but always find something I don’ t like about them! Also love the NYC list! I just moved to the east coast and have been the NYC more times in the last month than I have in my life. Love the blog!

      • I do! I’m actually thinking of making a NYC bucket list as well! I just moved to PA and I’m not that far but also don’t know how long I’ll be on the east coast so I feel as though a bucket list is needed!

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