Month: November 2014

The Color Run | #Happiest5K

60 Thoughts I Had During The Color Run Ok! I’m ready. I can do this. 5K is nothing. I’m going to kill it! My first “race”… This is cool. I feel cool… Ok… I am ready for the paint. Where is the paint? Look at all these lazy people walking. Shame on you! Ok… that seven year old runs faster than I do. Maybe I should run a little faster? Damm I’m getting tired. Why Christel runs so fast? Maybe because she is tall? Wait, maybe I’m running too slow. Do I suck? How can that big girl run faster than me? Seriously is this a joke? Yup! I definitely suck. Are we there yet? Oh Yay the first color! How is it going to be? People throw you the paint? WHAT? Where are the cool machines that throw you the paint? I feel ripped off. Wait, this is awesome! WOOOO EW the paint got in my mouth. HAHA Christel has paint in her teeth. BUAHAHA I won’t tell her. Maybe I should tell her? …

Till Next Time Bahamas!

Every year Danny and I take a weekend trip, just the two of us. We went to Ocean City for our first anniversary, the following year we went to Disney World, and this year we decided to go on a cruise to the Bahamas. But this year’s trip was a total failure. 10 Reasons Why our Weekend in The Bahamas was a Total Failure It rained all weekend. Literally. The cruise’s crew took away our alcohol. We tried to sneak in alcohol in our bags, but they caught us. Four bottles of vodka drained down the sink. No sun, therefore no tan. I was planning to get my Caribbean tan, but no luck. We had to pay full price for our drinks. $12 drink doesn’t sound that bad, but we had at least 10 drinks each day. Do the math. We spent 3 hours in the actual island. It gave us enough time to walk around the Atlantis Resort and go on the slides. But what about the rest of the Island? We lost all …

Backpacking Through Mexico

Ten days, seven places, four people, three carry-ons, two backpacks and one car are all you need to make this road trip happen! I wasn’t supposed to go on this trip, but life works in mysterious ways and suddenly I was on a plane on my way to Cancun. I bought a backpack, packed five changes of clothes and our adventure began. We visited Bacalar, Tulum, Sian Ka’an, Akumal, Playa del Carmen, Isla Mujeres & Cancun.   Where did we stay? Bacalar Hostal Casa Tortuga Cancun & Playa del Carmen Air bnb Tulum Hostal Tubo Tulum Advice? Go with the right people and be open minded all the time.