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Till Next Time Bahamas!

Every year Danny and I take a weekend trip, just the two of us. We went to Ocean City for our first anniversary, the following year we went to Disney World, and this year we decided to go on a cruise to the Bahamas. But this year’s trip was a total failure.

10 Reasons Why our Weekend in The Bahamas was a Total Failure

  1. It rained all weekend. Literally.
  2. The cruise’s crew took away our alcohol. We tried to sneak in alcohol in our bags, but they caught us. Four bottles of vodka drained down the sink.
  3. No sun, therefore no tan. I was planning to get my Caribbean tan, but no luck.
  4. We had to pay full price for our drinks. $12 drink doesn’t sound that bad, but we had at least 10 drinks each day. Do the math.
  5. We spent 3 hours in the actual island. It gave us enough time to walk around the Atlantis Resort and go on the slides. But what about the rest of the Island?
  6. We lost all our money in the casino. Yup, gambling is bad!
  7. There was a storm. Therefore we couldn’t go to the Norwegian Cruise’s Private Island. We had to stay at sea ALL DAY.
  8. Since we were stuck in the cruise, we had to play BINGO! Multiple times. (OMG)
  9. I got seasick. Dramamine, come to me!
  10. We never found “The Club”. Every night we went looking for this awesome “club” that everyone was talking about all weekend. We never found it, oh well!

On the good side, we have to plan another weekend trip to the Bahamas! Don’t get me wrong; we had a great time with each other. But we weren’t expecting this at all.



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