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The Color Run | #Happiest5K

60 Thoughts I Had During The Color Run

  1. Ok! I’m ready. I can do this.
  2. 5K is nothing. I’m going to kill it!
  3. My first “race”… This is cool. I feel cool…
  4. Ok… I am ready for the paint.
  5. Where is the paint?
  6. Look at all these lazy people walking. Shame on you!
  7. Ok… that seven year old runs faster than I do.
  8. Maybe I should run a little faster?
  9. Damm I’m getting tired.
  10. Why Christel runs so fast? Maybe because she is tall?
  11. Wait, maybe I’m running too slow.
  12. Do I suck?
  13. How can that big girl run faster than me? Seriously is this a joke?
  14. Yup! I definitely suck.
  15. Are we there yet?
  16. Oh Yay the first color! How is it going to be?
  17. People throw you the paint? WHAT? Where are the cool machines that throw you the paint?
  18. I feel ripped off.
  19. Wait, this is awesome! WOOOO
  20. EW the paint got in my mouth.
  21. HAHA Christel has paint in her teeth. BUAHAHA I won’t tell her.
  22. Maybe I should tell her? But it’s too funny!
  23. This GoPro pole is so annoying. Note to self: buy more GoPro accessories.
  24. I’m tired. How long have we been running?
  25. 10 MINUTES? Feels like forever.
  26. At least we are almost done.
  28. This sucks.
  29. Yay Blue is the next color!
  30. PAINT ME! PAINT ME! WOOO this is cool.
  31. HAHA Christel still has paint in her teeth!
  32. The paint is refreshing.
  33. Maybe I should sign up for a Marathon. I can totally run it.
  34. I should run every day… Note to self: run every day!
  35. OH HEY people I know! OMG run faster, they will think you suck.
  36. I should wave… If they see me I’ll wave back.
  37. Shit! They saw me.
  38. Hey! Yeah we haven’t seen each other in forever and yeah we are both running. Yeah we are cool I guess. Yeah we will never see each other again. Bye…
  39. Awkward…
  40. HAHA that girl has her GoPro attached to a  broom! Interesting…
  41. Ugh I hate running. Why am I here?
  42. What is this like 50K?
  43. OMG water point! Heaven.
  44. More people walking… haha you suck people!
  45. Run. Mariella. Run
  46. I love this song! “Waves after waves, waves after waves…”
  47. I should move to Australia.
  48. What is life? What am I supposed to do with my life?
  49. OK don’t go down that road.
  50. I should train harder. I can be like one of those girls that are really fit.
  51. HAHA that would never happen.
  52. When was the last time I went to LA Fitness?
  53. 4 MONTHS? Dam I should cancel my membership.
  54. You are lazy Mariella!
  55. Ok almost there! Yay Last color point.
  56. WHAT THE HELL! No more purple paint? This sucks.
  57. I’m so tired…
  58. OMG I see the finish line!
  59. This is so cool.
  60. That was awesome! I should do this all the time!

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  1. Jesus Palacios says

    Excelente!!! La verdad que cuando uno corre se pregunta tantas cosas y ves las locuras de los demas!!! A veces me he preguntado mientras corro 21 km que estoy haciendo aqui con este sol en vez de estar durmiendo como una persona normal😅😅😅
    Pero despues d la carrera uno se siente muy bien. Tambien te pasa de todo a veces. Mariella, Saludos desde Panama!!

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