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4 days in Madrid sounds like a good idea!

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go to Europe for four days. When I planned this trip, it sounded like a good idea. I said to myself: I take the plane on Wednesday, arrive on Thursday morning, spend all Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning in Madrid, and then take a plane back to Miami around 5:00 PM. It sounded like the perfect plan!

I had a great time in Madrid! I spent quality time with my cousin, who lives there and I never see, and hung out with two of my closest friends from home. My cousin took me to all the touristy places around the city and my friends from home made sure I had a great nightlife experience in Madrid.

This trip made me realize many things that maybe I knew already but this trip made everything clearer. First, I realized that I’ve become very americanized and very used to the American culture. I thought maybe I could move to Madrid and get my masters degree there, but now I know that I can’t live in Europe for longer than a month. Also, I realized how much I’ve changed since I lived in Ecuador. And finally, I realized how LUCKY I am to have such amazing friends. Every single one of them is AWESOME!

5 Reasons Why I Can’t Live in Europe

  1. Restaurants close the kitchen between meals. So, if I get hungry at 5:00 pm I can’t go to a restaurant until 9:00 pm?
  2. Online Shopping is limited. What? But this is 2014?
  3. The buildings are very beautiful and old, but space is limited.
  4. What do you mean you don’t have a drying machine? Yup, hang all your clothes in the window.
  5. The time to go out is way too late for me. Dinner starts at 11:30 PM, which means that people go to clubs at 3:00 AM and stay until 6:00 AM. Don’t they get sleepy?

Things I didn’t do & I regret:

  • Drink Sangria
  • Eat Paella
  • Eat Churros with Chocolate
  • Go to Retiro Park (Parque del Retiro).
  • Shop at Zara’s (They had amazing deals)

Restaurants and club’s we went to:




  1. Martin says

    Estoy de acuerdo contigo. Estoy en Madrid y no soporto todas las cosas que mencionas. Prefiero USA mil veces.

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