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8 Reasons Why I Feel Like an Outsider in my Hometown

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Ok, so I moved to Miami five years ago and it’s amazing how many things have changed back home. I usually visit home once a year (maybe twice) and for short periods of time. I’ve realized that as time passes I feel more left out lol… Here is why:

1. Marcos: “Hey Mariella, do you want to go to the movies?” Me: “Yes, of course! I’ll get the tickets. Let me go grab the paper to check the schedule! Marcos: “Eeeeh Mariella you can buy the tickets online and select your seats.”Me: “WHAT? That’s Awesome!”

2. Me: “ I should go get a haircut! Should I leave now if I want to get to Urdesa in an hour?” Claudia: “Mariella, there is a Vanitte in Samborondon”  

3. Andrea: “Meet me at Gourmet Market tomorrow at 11 am?Me: “Where is it again?”Andrea: “It’s in Plaza Navona” Me: “Where?”

4. Dam, that Nelson’s Market is HUGE.

5. Me: “Hey Monica! My driver will get to your house in Puerto Azul around five o’clock.” Monica: “Mariella I moved to Samborondon four years ago.” Me: “Oh.”

6. Carla: “Give me your Ecuadorian phone number” Me: I don’t have an Ecuadorian phone number Carla: “Where can I call you?” Me: “My house?” lol

7. Waitress: “Consumidor final o factura?” Me: “What’s the difference?”

8. Yeah people, I’ve never been to Plaza Lagos. Enough said…

PS: I’ll visit more often, I promise. IMG_9923 IMG_9915 copy

Wearing Prymal‘s Andean wool felt hat, hand made in Ecuador. | Zara Dress | Steve Madden Heels | Marc Jacobs Purse



  1. JAJAJAJJAJAJJA QUE HPTA.. yo tampoco se que contestar cuando me dicen eso de consumidor final o factura. verga

    • JAJAJA porque ahora hay una “ley”que tienes que declarar todo lo que “tienes”, entonces si vas a un lugar a comer o comprar. Si pides factura el gobierno “sabe” y consumidor final no lo declaras. JAJAJAJA #demasiadocomplicado

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