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5 Reasons Why EMECE’s Kimono is Perfect for this Season

Photo Credit: Valrosita Photography


You know that moment when you open your closet every morning and all you can think is “I have nothing to wear”? EMECE clothing line will change that for sure!

1. The perfect balance between elegance and informality. It’s ideal for a night out with friends, use it as a cover up at the beach or go to work.

2. It’s Unique. Aren’t you tired of wearing the same clothes that everyone has? “Oh I like your shirt. You got it at Zara’s right?” Ugh. Yes… If you are looking for something unique and non-traditional, EMECE is the brand to shop.

3. One word: Fresh. I am pretty sure this weather will kill us anytime soon. Global warming what’s happening? Although, the weather in Ecuador is very annoying, the kimono’s fabric will not make it worse.

4. Ideal for all ages. It’s perfect for young people, men and women with non-traditional style.

5. It’s so cute! Simple, small details that makes it exceptional.

Thank you EMECE for this fabulous Kimono, I loved it!

Check out their collection here.

 IMG_0061 IMG_0041

 Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 1.01.05 PM


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