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60 Thoughts every girl has while checking their Instagram feed on Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s day is the perfect day to gossip about your friends/followers relationships. We all know it! If Valentine’s Day isn’t your thing, this will make you laugh.

  1. Ok… time to stalk all my Exes on Instagram
  2. Yup, he is definitely ugly. What was I thinking?
  3. I can’t believe I dated him! Where were my friends to tell me not to?
  4. Week 102. Be careful don’t like it.
  5. I didn’t like’ any of his pictures right? He will think I am a freak!
  6. Uff… all cleared!
  7. Awww…
  8. Are they dating? Since when?
  9. I bet they only started dating last week to show off today.
  10. Look at all these cheesy quotes.
  11. I wonder what is everyone doing today?
  12. I guess people are going to watch the Fifty Shades of Grey movie.
  13. Or go to a fancy restaurant … or McDonalds…Same thing…
  14. He bought her 500 ROSES?! Chill people, its just Valentine’s Day!
  15. I think people is expecting me to upload a picture as well
  16. If I don’t upload a picture, will people think I broke up with my boyfriend?
  17. Fine…. I’ll upload a picture just so everyone understands that I’m still in a relationship haha
  18. Aww we look so cute!
  19. More gifts.
  20. Chocolate everywhere…
  21. PDA!
  22. OMG she has a Valentine’s Day date!
  23. Who’s that guy? I wonder where she met him?
  24. OMG a foreigner… sexy!
  25. “Today is just a Saturday” post…
  26. Look at them all so “happy” on social media! We all know you fight every day.
  27. Are they really happy?
  28. Did you just really say that your dog is your valentine?
  29. Ok…
  30. This is such a stupid holiday
  31. Aww I love this couple!
  32. They are so cute, and they are going to get married and have beautiful children!
  33. I wonder when is he going to propose? Soon, I bet!
  34. I give them one month.
  35. I better be invited to the wedding!
  36. Yup, she’s 100% single.
  37. More single people posting about being single…
  38. Ok we get it…
  39. OMG! Are they dating? He’s like fifteen years older than her!
  40. People these days…
  41. Age doesn’t’ matter anyways…
  42. Maybe it does? Who knows?
  43. Did she really go to the hair salon to get a blow-dry just because is Valentine’s Day? Girl, you’ve been dating this guy forever. I’m sure he’s seen your natural hair haha
  44. People is too funny… I can’t.
  45. Divorced.
  46. Engaged.
  47. Engaged.
  48. More engaged couples…
  49. Keep scrolling…
  50. ….
  51. PDA! PDA!
  52. Can I report this as inappropriate content?
  53. Mariachis? Are you serious?
  54. I hope my boyfriend is not planning something cheesy.
  55. Why does Valentine’s Day exist anyways?
  56. OMG He’s so hot! I used to have a crush on him.
  57. But, he’s taken.
  58. They got back together?
  59. Really? Why today?
  60. OK… I need to get ready for my date!

XOXO, Happy Valentine’s Day from The Fabulous Script! IMG_2152IMG_2159IMG_2155Signature

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