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10 Post-College Life: Expectation Vs. Reality

Ok so when I was in college I always imagined how my “grown-up life” would be. I wanted to finish college as soon as possible so I could start my independent life. I always said: “Once I graduate I am going to become more responsible, buy my own stuff, keep track of everything etc.…” But, that’s not going to happen. Here are the 10 things that won’t change just because you graduated college:

Expectation: I am going to cook a healthy meal every day after work.| Reality: I cook spaghetti for dinner every day. I can’t even remember when was the last time I went to Publix.

Expectation: I am going to go to Publix every week. My fridge will be filled with a great variety of food. | Reality: The only thing I have in my fridge is wine and diet coke. And, maybe a slice of cheese that is most likely expired.

Expectation: I am going to hang out with my college friends all the time after work. | Reality: Me: Hey, what are you doing for Happy Hour? “Sorry I can’t hang out I work early tomorrow.” “It’s too far away.” “I’m busy tonight.”

Expectation: I am going to go out EVERY Saturday. | Reality: I love Netflix, and my pajamas. So comfy!

Expectation: I am going to be very responsible. | Reality: I lost count of how many parking tickets I have to pay this month.

Expectation: I am going to go to the gym everyday. | Reality: So if today is March, the last time I went to the gym was 1,2,4 SEPTEMBER? Damn I got to freeze my membership.

Expectation: I’m going to get a job real quick. I don’t know why people complain so much. It’s who you know! | Reality: Oh shit! I don’t know anyone.

Expectation: I can’t wait to start working 9AM – 5PM and have a steady schedule! | Reality: OMG, is this day ever going to end?

Expectation: I am going to wake up early EVERY DAY! And become a morning person. | Reality: 12PM? …Ok five more minutes.

Expectation: I will spend all my money on myself. | Reality: Bills? Taxes? Car payments? WHAT IS HAPPENING?

So, when would be the actual day I start cooking my own meals? Go to the gym regularly? Become a morning people? Who knows…? Truth is life keeps going and you won’t change from one day to another. Despite all these, life is awesome. YUP, so go on and enjoy your 20s!



Photos by the very talented Valrosita Photography


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