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See Lima From A Different Perspective! | Paragliding

Last month, I visited Lima, Peru for the first time! Apart from all the delicious food we ate, I had the opportunity to see Lima from another perspective. Apparently, Paragliding is a popular sport in Lima because of their strong winds. Who knew right? As soon as I saw this activity on Trip Advisor, I wrote them an email and booked my flight!

This aerial tour made me realize few things:

  • I always want to remember the breathtaking views of the city’s coastline and skyline.
  • I am 100% not scared of heights! See, in order to flight we had to run and jump off a mountain.
  • This helped me understand the city’s layout. “Oh that’s where the Mall is!” “Look that’s the restaurant we went yesterday”

“Good to Know” tips:

  • It only takes 10 minutes! Don’t worry, you have time to fit this activity on your schedule.
  • You can always Whatsapp the instructor if you have further questions! Mariella: “Hey Jorge, can I go now?” | Instructor: “Hello Mariella, head over in 20 minutes. The winds are getting stronger!” | Mariella: “Great, will do!”
  • It’s not expensive like in other parts of the world and you can pay in USD (Or Soles if you have enough haha)
  • You have to be minimum 14 years old.
  • Bring athletic shoes and a sweater! Like I previously said, you have to run in order to fly and It’s kind of cold up there haha

Now, hit play on the video below and enjoy the breathtaking views of Lima!

Click here to head over their website.


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