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10 Things To Do In Toronto In the Summer

Every time someone mentioned the word “Canada”, I used to think of this place as: “the coldest place you’ll ever visit!” For this reason, I decided to visit during the summer. In only three days, we were able to visit the city’s most popular attractions. Here’s your complete guide of the ten must-visit spots during your short stay in Toronto:

1) Visit the CN Tower

This is the world’s tallest communications tower and is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. Once you get to the observation level, you’ll be able to enjoy the spectacular panoramic views of the city!

2) Experience Toronto’s most extreme attraction: Edgewalk


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This attraction is a must for those looking for a thrilling adventure! Walk along the tower’s edge and experience the panoramic views of the city from a whole different perspective. Sadly, we weren’t able to do this due to renovations. But hey, I’ll have to go back then.

3) Stand on the world’s highest glass floor ever made!

First ever glass look out. 👀 #Toronto #Canada 🇨🇦✔️ #TheFabulousScript

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Ok… for those of you that have experienced the glass floor in Chicago, this might not be a surprise to you. This was the first glass floor ever made so it might be “eh” for some of you.

PS: I was having a panic attack.

4) A day tour to the Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls is between an hour 1/2 and a two-hour drive from downtown Toronto. JUST GO! It’s the perfect opportunity to scratch this from your bucket list.

Also, get ready to wear a PONCHO!

5) Enjoy a wine tasting session and explore the vineyards near the Niagara Falls

6) Visit the Steam Whistle Brewery

Conveniently located near the CN Tower, this Brewery lets you sample and learn how Canada’s Premium Pilsner is made.

Two words: UNLIMITED SAMPLES. So save yourself a few bucks and taste ALL their samples.

7) Go to The Royal Ontario Museum

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(Photo credit:

Mostly known as the ROM, this museum is one of the largest museums in North America. The perfect place to learn Canada’s fascinating history and culture. Be sure to visit the exhibition about Canada’s natives!

8) The view of downtown Toronto from Casa Loma’s backyard!

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 7.20.52 PM

This beautiful residence built in the 18th-century is the second most popular tourist destination in Toronto, Ontario.

9) The St. Lawrence Market has it all!

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This lovely Market has everything you can possibly think of! From bakers to vendors and antiques to artisans. Here you can purchase Canada’s famous and delicious Maple Syrup at a very reasonable price.

10) Why deal with traffic when you can explore downtown Toronto on wheels?

Schedule a Bike Tour and discover Toronto’s most popular attractions such as Chinatown, City Hall, the Hockey Hall of Fame and the Entertainment District. An absolutely must for those interested in learning Toronto’s history, culture and architecture.


• Get the Toronto City Pass. This ticket booklet lets you visit the most popular attractions of the city

• Do not ride the subway! Toronto’s subway is the most difficult subway to ride in the entire world. If you desire to use this method of transportation, be sure to study all the system before you get lost haha



  1. Actually, our subway system is the easiest one to ride in the world as there are only two lines – Bloor & Yonge. But, it is also one of the worst because it gets jammed packed on weekdays during Rush Hour in the morning and evening. Even Chicago, which is comparable in size to us, has a much more efficient subway system than Toronto! Ha.

    Next time you plan a trip to Toronto during the summer, check out Kensington Market (lots of quirky shops and restaurants), the Toronto Islands (best green space in Toronto) or look what festivals are going on during the weekends. Some of the more popular Summer festivals we have are Pride Weekend, Caribana (Caribbean Culture Festival), and the Toronto Festival of Beer. Basically there is something going on every weekend throughout the year here in Toronto that caters to all walks of life.

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