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Airline Review: Bangkok Airways

One star

Dear Bangkok Airways,

My name is Mariella Molestina and I am writing to you to tell you about my terrible experience while traveling with you.

As I was waiting to board my plane from Phuket to Bangkok, I heard an announcement saying that my plane was delayed for approximately two hours. My final destination was Siem Reap, therefore I could loose my connection. As a frequent flyer, I’ve learned that layovers should be scheduled with at least three hours in between flights just in case something like this happens. Therefore, I wasn’t worried.… yet.

I landed in Bangkok at the time my connecting flight was boarding. “I got this!”, I thought. My plan was to get off the plane and RUN as fast as possible to my gate.  I planned to stay in Siem Reap for only two days, therefore re-booking my flight was not an option. I had to make it to my next flight!

As I deboarded the plane, which took twenty minutes, I asked the flight attendant to please call my gate and tell them to please wait for me or at least ask if the plane already left. No answer. The flight attendant looked at me and continued her conversation.  Ok well, maybe she didn’t understand me or something. As we get off the plane, I noticed I have to take a bus to the actual airport building.  Now, here’s where it get’s interesting:

What was my plan? RUN, JUST RUN! Of course, I didn’t know where I was supposed to go because the gate was not yet listed in the boarding pass they gave me when I checked-in. What do to while panicking? Find a departure information board nearby… There was no information board nearby. Next option? Ask the Bangkok Airways staff that escorted me from the plane to the connecting flights hall.

Mariella: “Excuse me, can you please tell me the gate for flight A3765 to Siem Reap” | Bangkok Airways Staff: “Go, go” | Mariella: “Go where???!! Where do I go? left or right? | Bangkok Airways Staff: (long pause) “Go, go”

The information was completely useless. From this point I had to choose where to run: Left or Right. “Left it is!” I ran the entire, yet very long and crowded, hall all the way to the end where I finally found a departure information board which said my flight to Siem Reap was on the right side of the airport, not the left.

“Damm it!” I ran to the other side of the airport, literally I ran across the entire Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. (Which btw is the biggest and crowded airport I’ve ever been too, and you know how much I travel). I was out of breath. When I got to the other side of the airport, I found out I had to go one level up where all the departure gates were.

As I approached a staff member from Bangkok Airways, I ask “Where is the elevator?!”. No response. “Where are the stairs?!”. Again, no response. I saw some people walking towards a hidden dark hall where the elevator to the departing gates was (Thank God!) I took the elevator, passed security and RAN to my gate.

I get to my gate to find out my flight to Siem Reap was delayed. “I can’t believe it! I am actually going to make it to my flight!” I gave my plane ticket to the counter lady and got into another bus to take me to my plane.

As I was finally able to “relax” and take a deep breath, I started to recognize the view from the other bus I took from my prior plane to the airport building. After all the chaos, I finally boarded the plane and sat on a window seat to find out that MY PLANE TO SIEM REAP WAS PARKED NEXT TO THE PLANE I JUST DE-BOARDED! Literally, parked next to each other.

I couldn’t believe it. What. Just. Happened!!?? Did I just ran across the entire airport to literally board the plane next to the one I just deboarded!!!!??

I took a deep breath.

“It’s Ok, Mariella! You made it to the flight to Siem Reap, everything is Ok!” I said to myself.

Finally, but not least, my front table was broken.

That’s it! I am never going to flight Bangkok Airways ever again. And the worst part is that all these could’ve been avoided if Bangkok Airways’s staff were helpful. Think about it:

If the flight attendant would’ve ask someone the current flight status, I could’ve just walk to my gate peacefully. If the staff member who escorted me to the connecting flights hall would’ve told me where to go, either left or right, I would’ve walked on the right direction. And if the staff member would’ve told me where the elevators were, this story would’ve been completely different.

Bangkok Airways is by far the most disorganized, inefficient and rudest airline I’ve ever flight on.

Oh! And my suitcase didn’t arrive until the next day.


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