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A day spent feeding, bathing and playing with elephants!

After spending the day feeding, bathing and playing with elephants I realized one thing that I already knew but never actually thought about it before.

Traveling the world has opened my eyes in many ways and I feel like these past two years my perspective about the world has changed drastically. This experience made me realize I need to keep traveling the world, go as many places as I can and take advantage of every opportunity that comes across me. I’ve always being an animal lover, but growing up as a kid  I never thought I was ever going to actually bath with an elephant. I remember how happy I was every time I visited the Bronx’s Zoo in New York, always smiling.

For many children around the world it is very common to do this, of course! My nine-year old self never imagined this would ever happen to her a decade and a half later. Not being allowed to feed them or touch them at the zoo never bothered me because I was happy I got to see them play with each other. So now I think, traveling the world is the only way to experience this.

Meet Apple, Yes like the fruit!

I thought her name was very original and cute!

Photo Aug 03, 11 15 56 AM

“Stand up, lady!”

Photo Aug 03, 11 21 59 AM

“Woah… I didn’t see that coming!”

“AWESOME. Can we do it again?”

Photo Aug 03, 11 25 25 AM

Warmth hugs, happy me 🙂

Photo Aug 03, 11 30 22 AM

I was worried she would accidentally step on my toes. Could you image? Ouch.

Photo Aug 03, 11 34 35 AM

Time for a ride around the elephant camp!



Photo Aug 03, 11 36 47 AM

Photo Aug 03, 11 40 06 AM_edited-1

Riding an elephant with a chair looks boring after this post, right?

Photo Aug 03, 11 44 51 AM

Moral of the story: There’s a entire world out there with many amazing experiences like this to come… 

…Can’t wait. 🙂 #AlwaysTraveling

Photo Aug 03, 11 43 42 AM (1)




  1. Fatima says

    Hello!! 🙂 I would like to know where did you have this experience bathing elephants? It was in Bangkok? I m going to Thailand this month and I am looking for this experience. Thank you

    • Mariella says

      Hi Fatima – Yes, it was in Bangkok. Just outside the city! Here’s the link of the tour I booked: Via TripAdvisor. This activity is a must-do! Have fun 🙂

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