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23 Signs You Are A World Traveler

To all the world travelers out there… this is for you!

Nothing makes you happier than listening to these words:


You know all the words to the American Airlines safety video.

Thank you for choosing American Airlines! You’re welcome.

And the SkyMall magazine is your favorite in-flight entertainment magazine.

Then you realize you know every single page by heart and you’ve purchased at least one item. “I need that travel blanket!”

You have a favorite in-flight menu item.

I can’t get enough of American Airlines cheese plate! Or listening to the phrase: “ Would you like Chicken or Pasta?”

Psst… Of course you are a member of a one-world airline.

You are constantly checking the total amount of air miles you’ve accumulated.

And at the end of a trip, you see if you’ve reached executive status. You know you travel a lot when you reach American Airlines Gold status by April.

Your passport is full of stamps from all over the world that the security guard has warned you to get a new one.

“Miss, there’s no more space in this passport. Next time, I won’t let you in!”


You’ve Instagrammed a picture like this at least once:

Next Stop —> Phuket, Thailand 📍🌏 #TheFabulousScript #AlwaysTraveling

A post shared by Mariella (@thefabscript) on


Where is #TheFabulousScript heading next!? San Francisco bound ✈️📍🙌🏻

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And your Snapchat story looks like this:

photo jul 28, 3 27 37 pm

You are obsessed with maps.

The more you travel, the longer your bucket list is.

“I need to add this (and this, and this too) to my bucket list!” It never ends.

Your piggy bank has currency from all over the world.

Because where do you put those leftover coins?


You own multiple SD cards for your multiple cameras.

“This one is for photos, this one for videos only, this one is for the GoPro, this is the professional camera one, this is a backup… etc.”


You own different types of luggage in numerous sizes.


You’ve mastered the art of packing.


Everything you take with you is travel size.

And the Bed Bath & Beyond travel size items section is your go-to place!

You know that every Tuesday at 2:00 AM it’s the best time to purchase plane tickets.

So naturally, your Monday middle-of-the-night alarm looks like this:

photo feb 09, 7 00 03 pm

Owning a travel journal is a must.

You have numerous Lonely Planet’s books.

Pocket size, special editions, kindle versions etc.

When people ask you, “what are your weekend plans”? Travel. 



Your friends think you are probably going away this weekend so they don’t include you in their weekend plans.


You had enough of trying to convince your friends to travel with you, so you’ve decided to travel alone instead.

 (Psst… other people just slow me down) 

But when you do convince them, you know its going to be great! 

photo sep 04, 7 30 35 pm

I have an insane calling to be where I am not. #TrueStory

Until next trip,

The Fabulous Script

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