Month: April 2016

Tips for Traveling With a Cast

On my last trip to Europe in March of this year, I broke my leg mid-way through the end of the trip. What did I do? Honestly, I tried to ignore the fact that my foot was broken for at least five days. That being said, I learned that traveling with a cast could change your itinerary plans drastically. If you’re doctor says you can travel, then canceling your trip would be a stupid things to do. Instead of canceling, here are a few tips to take into consideration when traveling with a cast: 1. Arrive to the airport at least three hours ahead of your departure time. With this is mind you’ll have plenty of time to go through all the airport process. Traveling in a hurry, plus with a cast, sounds like a terrible idea! Do yourself a favor a plan ahead to arrive with plenty of time to spare! 2. Request a wheelchair at check-in. You never know how far your designed departure gate is located. On my way back from Europe, …

Mobile Passport, The Newest U.S. Customs App

US citizens can now skip the line at the airport when entering the USA with the Mobile Passport app! This app is officially authorized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. No need to fill the traditional blue and white declaration form! Now you can submit your passport control and customs declaration information on your mobile device. (Only available for iPhone & iPad users for now.) This service is currently available at the following US airports: Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL) Miami International Airport (MIA) Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) Chicago O’Haire International Airport (ORD) Fort Lauderdale International Airport (FLL) San Francisco International Airport (SFO) Additional information to know about the Mobile Passport app: Only US and Canadian citizens (on B1 or B2 visas) are eligible to use Mobile Passport. Submission must be sent upon landing at destination airport. Receipts are valid for 4 hours only! When registering, you must enter your name as it is on your passport. This app does not replace your passport. Bring your passport!  

How To Spend 3 Days In Amsterdam

The most liberal city in the world, ladies and gentlemen. Amsterdam was my first travel solo destination, so understand how nervous I was when I arrived. Not only I was scared, but also lost in a new city where I didn’t speak the language. Oh oh. Mariella don’t panic. On my ride from the airport to the hotel located in Amsterdam’s city center, I instantly felt how cool this trip was going to be. I couldn’t believe what was I seeing.  The canals that surround the city and it’s stunning architecture looks and feels unreal. I spent three days in Amsterdam, but I wish I could’ve stay longer. Luckily, I managed my time wisely to get to know the city in the short time I had. DAY 1 – Get beautifully lost!  On my first day, the tour I booked started at 2:00 pm. So I was there in Amsterdam with no plans, no destination, no clue where I was standing with four hours to spare until my tour starts. My father once told me …

Rijksmuseum 45-Min Highlights Tour

Book your entrance ticket ahead of time to save time. The Rijksmuseum is very popular and the line to get to the ticket office is very long. At least 1-hour wait! Prior to your visit, download the Rijksmuseum mobile app on your smartphone. Once downloaded, choose your language of preference and select the tour that best interests you. In my case, I did the  45-minute museum highlights tour since I was a little short in time. This mobile app walks you thru the building in order to get to the main hall where the highlights collection is situated. Definitely worth the visit! Here’s what this tour entails: Frans Hals, Isaac Massa/Beatrix van der laen, c. 1622 Johannes Vermeer, Milkmaid, c. 1660 Rembrandt van Rijn, Night Watch, 1642 Jan Steen, Feast of St Nicholas, 1665-1668 East Indiaman Merkurius, 1747 Portrait of Gerard Andriesz Bicker, ca. 1642 Rijksmuseum’s Research Library Asian Pavilion, 1718  

Yeah, I Broke My Foot in Vienna

You know when you are so happy that all you want to do is get up and dance? That’s how I felt my first day in Vienna. My crazy “organizing every detail of the trip” self hired a private car to take me from the airport to the hotel located in downtown Vienna. Called Austria Trend Hotel Rathauspark. When I first walked in all I could think was, “well this is not the Radisson Blu in Berlin, but it’s perfect!” Left my belongings and continued my journey. Walked a couple of blocks and there it was. Vienna, as seen in the movies! What a beautiful city. The trees leaves were yellow, white and pink. Gorgeous, isn’t it? I could smell the Spring as the wind blew into my face. I love to walk with no sense of direction. You know like getting lost… But not really because it’s the year 2016 and we have phones with GPS. Walked for hours and hours and took marvelous pictures of the city’s architecture and it’s beautiful (and multiple) parks. …