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Berlin Knows Street Art 

Berlin, a city rich in history. But, there’s another side of Berlin that many don’t know about. Street art has become a major focus in this city. Many call it “The Modern Berlin”. Artists from around the world travel to Berlin to leave behind a piece of their artwork. 

Street art is “technically” ilegal in Germany. Artists take many risks when working on their art. What kind of risks? Such as jailtime or pay a great fine. This depends if the owner of the property would like to press charges! Interesting right? Of course, many of them just get away with it or know exactly what to do to avoid getting arrested. 

Check out some of my favorite street art work that I saw during my time in Berlin: 







  1. Lisa says

    I never realised there was so much cool street art in Berlin! I absolutely love this city, seriously cannot get enough of the place! I think my favourite is the Kermit/rocker/wrestler art?! I can’t tell, but who cares, the colours are amazing!

    • Mariella says

      Thank you, Lisa 🙂 Yes, the street art is pretty much hidden from tourist. haha The tour guide took us at least 25 minutes away from downtown Berlin to get to see them.

  2. Street Graffiti is something which not only brings colour to the neighbourhood, but also adds to the character of the city. And Berlin is flooded with such unique forms of street art.

  3. Very true! I too realized the awesomeness of street art in Berlin. In fact the moment I got down at the bahnhof, I noticed that all the posters stuck on the wall had some graffiti done on top of those! The man in spacesuit and the man comprised of so many men, are just too good!!!

  4. Berlin definitely reminds me of a more run down Miami with it’s street art. In all honesty, I am super jealous of artists for having such amazing talent. I wish I could even remotely create something of this nature. Would love to see it in action!

  5. Berlin surely does and I am not seeing it for the first time. Like how they are utilizing entire spaces provided by the wall and not getting bogged down by their sheer vastness. Wish to see more examples of the same.

  6. That’s an interesting fact about the Berlin street art about it being illegal. I guess some building landlords want street art on the side so don’t press charges. I think I’d pick Kermit the Frog or the astronaut as my favourite piece of street art you photographed.

  7. You’re right, Berlin sure does know street art! And its constantly changing, every year I discover something new. It keeps it fun and exciting!

  8. I didn’t know this about Berlin. Very interesting the artists from around the world travel there to produce their art work – and it risk since it’s illegal. I like the astronaut best, but they are all amazing!

  9. I didn’t know that it’s illegal in Berlin. Inspite of that the street arts looks so good. I would love to see more of this Berlin.

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