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A Taste of Imperial Vienna 

Wondering what to eat while in Vienna? Then this is for you. 

Oh, Austrian food! While I was doing my research for places to visit and things to do while in Vienna, I stumple upon this food tasting tour hosted by a restaurant called Hotel Stefanie. It sounded like a great idea (besides it looked delicious) so I went ahead and booked it! 

At first, I was a little scared of the kind of food they were going to serve me. After all, this was going to be my dinner. What if I didn’t like it and I had to eat it anyways? Aaahh.. A picky eater’s worst nightmare. I felt adventurous and the reviews conviced me to go ahead with the tour. And I am so glad I did because now I am obsessed with Austrian cuisine! 

Here’s what I had for dinner on my first night in Vienna: 

Veal goulash with a Salzstangerl – A sight for sore eyes! 

Fact: The history of goulash is closely connected to that of paprika. 


Beef broth with Fritatten and Kaiserschoberl – Everybody loves it! 


Wiener Schnitzel with potato salad – My absolute favorite dish! Like the Chef said at the tasting: “We’ll try to make the following confession more “palatable” with a musical example: Viennese Classicism.” 

Fact: Did you know the Wiener Schnitzel was imported from Lombardy, Italy? It’s origins lie in the “costella alla milanese”. 


Viennese boiled beef with roast potatoes, chive sauce and apple horseradish – Makes mouths happy!

Fact: Tafelplitz is the name for a triangularly shaped muscle in the rear quarter of the cow, a fine-fibred, excellent cut of meal. The perfect cut to boil or steam. 


Powidltasscherln, Apple strudel & Kaiserschmarren – Mmm… Treat yourself with a delicious dessert!  



Fact: Did you know? Unlike the Germans, Austrians pronounce Kaffee [coffee] like the French or the Italians, with the emphasis on the last syllabe (as in “cafe”) 


Hungry, yet? Your table awaits you at Hotel Stefanie Wien. For more information on how to book this food tasting tour, click here.

Until next trip, 

The Fabulous Script 


  1. The Austrian food looks so tasty on your photos, yummie. Last time I was in Vienna I also got a schnitzel by the size of a pizza, it is impressive. The Kaiserschmarren is my favorite dessert, love it during winter!

  2. Abigail Sinsona says

    I don’t know much about Austrian food, but you definitely got my attention. I am also a foodie as much as I do love to travel. Hence, I am excited by the idea of exploring the cuisines of places I go to. This looks like a delicious spread that was served to you – everything look so delicious especially that dessert platter you were served with!

    • Mariella says

      Hi Abigail – I do the same thing! I try to schedule culinary tours and local cuisine classes around the world 🙂

  3. Looks delicious! My husband’s grandfather is Austrian, so he saw some Austrian dishes growing up. We’d love to go experience them in Austria!

    • Mariella says

      Hi Kate – The Wiener Schnitzel is a must-try! My favorite Austrian dish. 🙂

  4. Okay, thanks for making my mouth water! I spent some time in Eastern Europe and just love the food. I’ve never been to Austria, but lived in Germany for a time. Goulash and schnitzel are some of my favorite comfort foods. I’m so glad that you loved the food!

    • Mariella says

      Nothing quite like eating delicious new dishes around the world! haha

  5. Lisa says

    A great reminder of my trip when I was there in Easter! The Wienerschnitzel is excellent; I think I ate at least 2 when in Vienna. Never knew about the Austrian pronouciation of coffee, nice fact!

    • Mariella says

      Hi Lisa – The Wiener Schnitzel hits the spot every time! When I was in Vienna, I must’ve ordered it at least four times in a five day trip only haha

  6. Since I no longer eat meat, I cannot say that the thought of those meaty dish was very mouthwatering for me.. haha!
    But luckily for veggies and for people who want to eat healthier, there are now plant-based versions of traditional foods in big cities, which taste just as good. I haven’t been to Vienna yet (can’t wait though), but I ate lots of delicious goulash in Budapest 🙂

  7. Oh the Wienerschnitzel! So delicious! Not only is Vienna a beautiful city to visit, but the food is also amazing! This article definitely made me hungry!

  8. I’m planning on visiting Vienna next year at some point – I don’t know much about Austrian food but it looks and sounds delicious. Can’t wait to try it!

  9. I recently visited Austria and was surprised how good the food was. I used to love Milanesas when I lived in South America so was very happy to eat a Wiener Schnitzel when I visited Vienna. I can see it’s origins lie in Costella Alla Milanese, hense the name Milanesa in South America. I only tried a Sacher torte in Vienna which I thought was over rated but the Powidltasscherln you photographed looks delicious!

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