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Rijksmuseum 45-Min Highlights Tour

Book your entrance ticket ahead of time to save time. The Rijksmuseum is very popular and the line to get to the ticket office is very long. At least 1-hour wait!

Prior to your visit, download the Rijksmuseum mobile app on your smartphone. Once downloaded, choose your language of preference and select the tour that best interests you. In my case, I did the  45-minute museum highlights tour since I was a little short in time.

IMG_6201 copy_edited-1

This mobile app walks you thru the building in order to get to the main hall where the highlights collection is situated.

Definitely worth the visit!

Here’s what this tour entails:

Frans Hals, Isaac Massa/Beatrix van der laen, c. 1622


Johannes Vermeer, Milkmaid, c. 1660


Rembrandt van Rijn, Night Watch, 1642


Jan Steen, Feast of St Nicholas, 1665-1668



East Indiaman Merkurius, 1747


Portrait of Gerard Andriesz Bicker, ca. 1642


Rijksmuseum’s Research Library


Asian Pavilion, 1718



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