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The Struggle of Getting Your Picture Taken When Traveling Solo

          One thing I noticed when traveling solo for the first time was that people SUCK at taking pictures. Before this trip I thought everyone knew how to take a picture, but it proved me wrong. It’s the year 2016, doesn’t everything revolved around taking pictures and posting them on social media? haha

To all the bad photographers out there, this is for you. Here’s a recollection of pictures of myself taken by other fellow travelers:

Mariella: Can you take a picture of me? | Tourist: Yes, of course! *The top of the monument didn’t come up in the picture.

"Dear tourist, if I ask you to take a picture and there’s a monument behind me. Please make sure the monument appears in the photo! Lol"

Mariella: Hi! Is there any chance you could take a quick picture? | Tourist: Yes! *grabs camera and points at the view without me in it.


"Dear tourist, If I ask you to take a picture it’s because I want myself to be included in it lol. If not, I would’ve taken it myself." Haha 

Mariella: Can you take a picture please? Thank you so much! | Tour guide: *Takes picture without even looking in the camera screen.



"Dear tour guide... Seriously?"   

Mariella: Hi! Could you take a picture of me with the Heineken factory sign? | Tourist: No problem! *Half the sign is missing.

"Dear tourist, you had one job."

*A group of people were taking photos with Anne Frank’s statue.

Mariella: I can take a picture of all of you! Can you take a picture of me? Tourist: nods…*my eyes are closed in the only picture he took.


"Dear tourist, you could’ve taken another one haha Digital cameras have a lot of memory space." Haha

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 6.35.19 PM

Tourist: Can you take a photograph of me and my wife? Mariella: Of course! Can you take one of me afterwards? Tourist: Absolutely! *Picture has a giant black cable across.


"Dear tourist, does it look like I want to remember that giant and ugly cable? I don’t think so."

          And the worst of all is to pretend that you actually liked the picture and smile because you don’t want to make them feel bad. And even worst, is have to ask another person in your tour to take another picture.

          Although this was kind of annoying, it made me laugh at loud several times. At the end, I got the pictures just the way I wanted them to be. First thing I did when I came back to the US? Buy a tripod.

Until next trip,

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