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A glimpse of Budapest!

“Dear Mariella: We are writing to you to let you know that the tour you booked with us is now canceled. Would you like to book a day-trip to Budapest instead?

Hell yeah!

My day trip to Budapest was amazing even though I got to spend only a few hours in this city. The beauty of Europe is that you can take a bus, train or even drive to another city within hours of each other. In this case, I got to explore Budapest after a short 3-hr drive from Vienna.

As soon as we arrived, the tour guide started explaining Budapest history as we drove by the landmarks. We got dropped off right in the heart of the city! With one-hour to explore on our own, I got to wonder around and enjoy a delightful cup of coffee overlooking the lake.



Words are not enough to describe how beautiful is to cross the Chain Bridge (Szechenyi launched) overlooking the beautiful Danube River! It doesn’t matter if you visit during the day or at night, the bridge radiates an splendid view anytime of the day. The Chain Bridge is without a doubt the symbol of Budapest.



At the other side of the bridge, the Buda Castle awaits. A historical castle and palace complex of the Hungarian kings since the year 1265!


Ta-Da! The Statue of St Stephen, ladies and gentleman! The first Hungarian King. One of Budapest’s most important monuments.


The view of the Royal Palace is just stunning! A sigh for sore eyes.



Wondering around the streets of the Castle District, I stumble upon this piece historic artifact. It was parked there just as a tourist attraction. I wonder if it still works?


At the very top, the iconic Matthias Church!


My short (but amazing) adventure to Budapest in video. Check out the clips I captured around the city: 


Every time I visit somewhere new, I like to sit down and just observe what the locals do in this city. This is a great way to just take in the surroundings and analyze every detail the city has to offer!


Definitely a day trip is not enough to get the full Hungarian experience. But I enjoyed it very much! I have to come back and explore the city from top to bottom! haha

Until next trip,




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