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Bogota, a sight for sore eyes!

If I had to choose one photo to describe my weekend getaway to Bogota, it would be this one:


I've always wanted to visit Bogota and now that my friend Shany lives there, I decided to go. We had an awesome weekend of just brunching, partying and drinking all day long. That's all we did and it was awesome.

As a travel junkie, I needed to free my wanderlust so I told my friend Shany to take me to touristy hot spots and sightseeing, of course! But Bogota is not a city that you visit to go on city tours (I mean you can, definitely), but mostly to enjoy its delicious cuisine in a beautiful setting, enjoy the great nightlife and much more.


Bogota's Street Art


 Things To Know:

  • Bogota's traffic is a nightmare (especially during rush hours between 7am - 9am and 4pm - 7pm.) Make sure you don't have to head over to the airport between those peak hours or you would be stuck in traffic for an hour and a half.
  • Yes, there's Uber in Bogota.
  • Do not exchange your US dollars to Pesos Colombianos at the airport. Duh? Of course not!
  • When dining out, the server will ask you if you would like to include the service tip in the check. Say yes! (Unless the service was really bad of course!)
  • If you want to tip in cash, 10% is a good tip servers and bartenders.
  • Bogota's weather can be tricky! Always make sure to wear a jacket and have an umbrella in your purse. Even if its a sunny day out, chances are it can rain.
  • Must-try Colombian authentic cuisine: Pan de Bono, Empanada de maiz, Arepas, Patos. Make sure to dip these delicious treats in Suero! A combination between cream cheese and sour cream, Colombian style! 🙂
  • Finally, don't miss out on the opportunity of bringing home great authentic Colombian coffee as a souvenir for you to enjoy at home!



I've been friends with Shany since we were seven years old, so my weekend involved a lot of laughs which of course made my Bogota experience a thousand times better! Nothing quite like traveling with friends! (unless you have crappy friends, then I do not recommend lol)

I had a blast in Bogota and met great people in this awesome city. I'll definitely come back!

Until next trip,



Here are my recommendations of what to see, eat & do in Bogota:

Where To Dine?

Andres Carne de Res

La Toscana

Al Agua Patos

Vitto - The Malaba Smash's drink is the best cocktail you'll ever taste in your life!

Cafe Masa - Located in La Zona G. 

Where To Party?

El Fabuloso

Andres Carne de Res - Where Colombians go to drink Guaro all night long! 

Black Bear

What To See & Do?

Montserrat - If you feel adventurous to climb all those stairs, I say go for it. At the top you can see panoramic views of Bogota!

Usaquen - When in the area, head over to Cafe el Altillo del Sol for a taste of the best desserts in the city! 

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