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The Countdown Begins… Greece, here I come! 

In only 10 days I’ll be traveling to Greece! Another marvelous country that I’ve been dying to visit for the past two years. It is very exciting to finally make it happen.

Originally, I was going to go by myself on a solo traveler adventure but at the very last minute my Mom decided to accompany me on this trip! Words are not enough to express how excited I am.

The hotel accommodations and transportation are all set! Now here comes the tedious (yet exciting) section of planning a trip: What to eat, see & do? For the next ten days, I’ll dedicate all my free time to research! This requires a lot of patience but a good research always pays off!

Here are some tips on how to start your own research: 

  • Verify your sources! The better the source, the better the advice. I cannot tell you how many articles I’ve read around the web that are not quite right and give tourist the wrong advice. Sources like Lonely Planet or Conde Nast Traveler are trustworthy and a great place to start your research!
  • Read the reviews! No matter how trustworthy Tripadvisor is, always make sure to read other fellow travelers’ opinions.
  • Book your tours on Aviator or – Both websites are great for booking tours! But, always make sure to read the tour’s reviews. Also, pay attention to how many people reviewed the tour. For example:  If only five people reviewed the tour with three, four and five stars, I would perhaps search for other alternatives. ( The Mobile App is also available to download and it’s very friendly & easy to use!)
  • Do not book tours or activities on your very first day of research! Some activities might sound ideal, but you could find another great tour or activity to do instead.
  • Once you’ve written down all the activites, tours and restaurants you want to go, create a schedule that best fits your itinerary! Before you book, you have a picture of how your days are going to be like.
  • Make sure to reserve a table on all restaurants you plan to visit. – Almost everyone  around the world uses to easily make dining reservations. (Don’t forget to specify the number of your party!)
  • Always write down all your activities contact information! Such as: address, e-mail, phone number etc. In case of emergencies or re-booking, it comes on handy to have this well organized in your itinerary.
  • Finally, use the to organize your itinerary –  This website (and mobile App) makes following your day-to-day itinerary very easy!

Yes, I’ll be very busy the next couple of days. But all this time and effort on research absolutely pays off! Nothing quite like a well organized itinerary to guide you and not to miss a thing during your visit!

Until next trip,


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