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Where To Stay in Greece: Athens, Mykonos & Santorini

Your trip to Greece is finally booked. Great! Now you need to figure it out where to stay.

If you’re looking for great hotel accommodations in Greece, look no further than my recommendations below.


The Electra Palace Hotel is by far the best hotel in Athens, in my opinion. I liked this hotel because it was located in the center of the city, just a five minute walk from Plaka. There are several chain hotels such as Marriott and Hilton, but I chose to stay at the Electra Palace because it radiates Greek authenticity.


Breakfast Included

Free Wi-Fi

Laundry Service

Fitness Center

24-hour in-room service dining


Contact Information: 


The staff was not very friendly.


Stay at Golden Star Hotel! Ideal to take your Mykonos experience to a whole other level. There’s no denying it. This hotel is located nearby Old Mykonos Town, within a 10 minute walking distance.

The ultimate relaxation spot during your vacation. All rooms overlook the ocean and old Mykonos town. Admiring the view from your balcony is a must to start the day off right! Every afternoon I would sit in the pool area with my kindle while enjoying the beautiful sunset with a cocktail in my hand.

Apart from the magnificent views, the quality of service and staff was excellent! Each one of them was very attentive to all my request. 


Breakfast Buffet included

Free Wi-Fi, although the connection may be slow at times.

They offers an exquisite cuisine and delicious cocktails!

Contact Information: 


There are a lot of street cats running around the property. Approx five cats!

The mini fridge was completely empty.


After reading several reviews online, the Atlantis Hotel was the best hotel to stay in Fira. Located right at the beginning of downtown Fira, this hotel has everything you are looking for. The rooms are very spacious with a balcony overlooking Santorini's volcano and the sea. The view was unbelievable!

The staff was very friendly and attentive. I feel like everyone had a smile in their face at all times! It seemed like they truly enjoyed working there, which make me real happy.


Breakfast included

Free Wi-Fi

Contact Information:




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  1. In 9 days, experience the history and legacy of Athens including the Acropolis and a day to Delphi plus the sophistication and beauty of the island of Mykonos and the spectacular rugged volcanic island of Santorini – each destination with its own personality and attractions.

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