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Athens 3-day Travel Guide

A lot of people have mixed feelings about Athens. Some will tell you it’s not worth the visit and some will tell you it’s a wonderful place to go! I loved Athens. I spent three days in this beautiful city and I wish I stayed longer!

Three days is all you need to experience Athen’s highlights. In my case, I got to visit all the important monuments and archeological sites in two days. The third day we decided to take a day trip to Delphi, a small town outside the city where some of the most important temples of Greece are located.

I visited multiple island during my stay in Greece and realized that Athens is where I learn the most about Greece’s history and mythology. I think it’s important to visit Athens and learn all about this topic to get an insight of what Greece is all about!

Day 1

Visit the Acropolis - You can’t visit Athens and not go the Acropolis! Here are  some useful tips that will come in handy during your stay:

  • Try to go as soon as the site opens in order to avoid crowds.
  • Wear sneakers! The acropolis is situated at the top of a hill. The only way to get to the top is by foot. Also, the floor is very slippery.
  • Make sure you take full advantage of your ticket! The Acropolis ticket is valid for various archeological sites in Athens.
  • Bring plenty of water with you! It takes approximately 2 hours to visit this site.

Go to the Acropolis Museum - If you want to learn all about greek mythology, this is the place to go. Make sure you hire a tour guide that can walk you through the museum explaining the most significant exhibitions. Also, make sure you hire a licensed tour guide!

Theatre of Dionysos - Plan to  visit on the same day you of  the Acropolis! The Acropolis ticket is valid to enter this site.

Visit the Ancient Agora of Athens - a must see! Entrance is also included with the Acropolis ticket.

Stroll around Paka - Athen’s most important markets. Located in the heart of downtown, Paka offers the most wonderful shops where you can buy original greek delights and souvenirs for you to take home. Experience Greece's famous tavernas and savor the true taste of Greek cuisine!

Hike Mount Lycabettus - Athens highest point. The best time to visit this wonderful place is in the afternoon. Watching the sunset is a magical experience! You can see gorgeous panoramic views of the entire city of Athens. There’s two ways to get to the top of the mountain: climbing hundreds of steps or riding the cable car which runs every 30 minutes.

Day 2

Experience the changing of guards - Stroll around Syntagma Square and walk towards the Hellenic Parliament to experience the official changing of guards. Members of the military are trained to stand still for an entire hour. The guards are not allowed to move and/or react to their surroundings while on shift. In the past, the military guards actually guarded the entrance of the Hellenic Parliament but now this is just performed in order to keep its tradition alive.

Explore the underground metro stations - Athens’ metro stations don’t look like an ordinary metro station. Here you can find several exhibitions through various stations in the city of archaeological finds during the its construction in the early 2,000 in preparation for the 2004 Olympic games.

Visit the Panathenaic Stadium - Stop by for a brief visit! This stadium was built in the 6th Century BC to host the Panathenaic Games in honor of the goddess Athena. Nowadays the stadium is used for several events, but mostly for tourists attraction.

Visit the Temple of Olympian Zeus - One of the most important attractions in Athens. This temple is mostly destroyed, but its beauty remains untouchable.

Hadrian’s Arch - Impossible to miss when visiting the Temple of Olympian Zeus!


Walk around the Acropolis area at night! - Even when the sun sets, the Acropolis remains to show its perfect beauty.

Day 3

Take a day trip to Delphi - Only a 2-hour drive away from Athens. Delphi is a beautiful small town located at the top of a mountain offering a wonderful view of Greece’s highlands.

In my opinion, hire a driver that can drive you to Delphi. Most cab drivers won’t want to take you, so make sure you plan ahead.

Delphi has a significant influence in the ancient world, recognized by the UNESCO. Here you can find the most important monuments of ancient Greece. Such as, The Sanctuary of Athena, Ancient Theater, Ancient Gymnasium, Temple of Apollo, Treasury of the Athenians and much more.

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  1. Been to Athens twice (1996 and 2007), and totally know what you mean about the “love/hate” relationship people have with the city. There are far better places to visit in Greece than Athens, but Athens does have a few hidden gems if you look close enough. You can also do day trips to the nearby Saronic Gulf Islands, which I did on my first visit. Hydra is a decent island to visit. Also have done day trips to Delphi twice. Fascinating tour and a lot of Ancient Greek history to be learned there!

    I was also thoroughly impressed with the new subway system they built for the 2004 Summer Olympics. Most affordable and convenient way to get from the airport to downtown Athens. The other changes I noticed is that Athens isn’t as gritty as it used to be like it was in the mid-1990s before the days of the Euro, but it has become a bit more expensive since the elimination of the Drachma. But, Athens is definitely worth at least 3 days like you said – 2 days to explore the city itself and one for a day trip somewhere nearby.

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