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What’s in my Carry-On?

"How do you fit 2-weeks worth of clothes in a carry-on bag? I check luggage even on weekend trips!" - Basically, everyone I know. 

One of the many things that traveling the world has taught me is the importance of traveling light everywhere you go. Why?  Traveling light brings you a lot of advantages if you are constantly moving from place to place. Here are some examples: 

  • Your suitcase will never get lost again. Remember what a pain it was to learn that your suitcase never arrived to your destination? Ugh. Not dealing with that ever again. Did you know that now you can track the status of your checked luggage? American Airlines offers this feature through their mobile app. 
  • No need to waste time at the airport waiting to retrieve your luggage. If you're on a quick weekend getaway, waiting extra time at the arrival airport is not ideal. 
  • You'll master the art of packing. Be realistic. You don't need (or use) half the stuff you pack. When packing ask yourself if you "really need" that specific item. A great way to avoid overpacking! 
  • Always travel with a lock for your carry-on! I know that this might sounds dumb, but if the airplane cabin is full and there's no extra space for you to put your carry-on luggage, the crew is going to check your bag. If that happens, you are prepared to lock your suitcase. Better prepared than sorry later! 
  • Pack all your clothing items strategically. That being said, pack them in order you plan to wear that outfit. For example, before I start packing I skim my travel intinerary and based on the activities of the day I pick the outfit I plan to wear.  
  • If your carry-on is a little tight, make sure to use the Ziploc Air Bags to make your bult a lot slimmer. Also, always bring an extra ziploc bag in case you shopped more than planned haha better to pack the extra bag than to buy another suitcase ! 

Always remember that all you need to travel is your passport and wallet! Think about it...  You can replace any item except your wallet and passport.  

My favorite carry-on luggage is this Samsonite Pro 4! This is the perfect size carry-on luggage (20.5 X 14 X 8x8) to bring along on a 14-day vacation.  Features include: a multi directional split sphere spinner wheels allowing it to move in a 360-degree upright angle. No matter how hrsby your carry-on is, this feature allows it to easily slide without any weight or human effort. Lol (To purchase this carry-on luggage, click here

Approved on all major airlines!  

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