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The Wonderful Beaches of Mykonos

From East to West and South to North, Mykonos has multiple beautiful beaches surrounding the island. We had an extra free day in Mykonos so we decided to to rent a car and explore all the wonderful beaches of Mykonos.

Mykonos is the Ibiza of Greece. People go to party, especially during summertime! During this time of the year all the beaches are fully crowded with party people drinking day and night. This island is definitely a party animal magnet! The party stops in mid-September as we wave summer goodbye.

The rest of the year involves sunny clear days and frozen cocktails while catching some rays in a cabana…

Take a look at the most beautiful beaches in Mykonos:

Kalafatis Beach

Agios Stefanos Beach

Ftelia Beach

Agrari Beach

Paradise Beach

Super Paradise Beach

Armenistis Lighthouse in Fanari

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  1. Does the Tropicana Bar still exist at Paradise Beach? And do they still break out into a Euro dance party around 5pm with that MC who wears an elephant thong? That was the most random thing I remember from my time in Mykonos. But you are right about Mykonos being the “Ibiza of Greece” – beach parties from 5 – 9pm, late dinners, and all night dance clubs that start around 1am and go until Sunrise. Space tonight. This way!

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