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Santorini in 30 Epic Pictures

What can I say about Santorini? When a place is this beautiful, just take a deep breath and take a moment to realize that you are about to discover one of the most beautiful places in the world.

As soon as I got off the ferry, I looked up towards the sky and couldn’t believe how tall the rocks were. Did you know Santorini was built on top of the island’s volcanic rock?

Fira and Oia are Santorini’s main towns you must visit. Both towns are just breathtaking! My hotel was located in the heart of Fira, but I wish I stayed in Oia at least one night to experience what it’s like to live in one of Santorini’s traditional houses. Each town has it’s own architectural gem! A similar taste but different at the same time. The construction of the houses comes from the same idea, but built differently.

The golden hour is something you don't want to miss. If you can, admire the sunset every day. The view is just breathtaking! I’ve never seen a sunset as perfect as the ones I saw in Santorini.

Getting to know Santorini was an experience that I would like to repeat at some point of my life! It was so beautiful that I could feel relaxed by just sitting at the hotel’s balcony with my kindle in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. I could gaze out the balcony and spend hours admiring the view until the sun sets.

Make sure to take advantage of everything Santorini has to offer on your next visit!

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Plan to stay at least four days in Santorini! If you’re looking for hotel accommodations, check out my review here.
  • The ferry is the best way to get from one island to another. If you decide to fly instead, keep in mind that you will have to fly to Athens to get your connecting flight to your destination. Flying from one island to another is not an option. I arrived to Santorini on a ferry from Mykonos Island. Only two hours away and got to have breakfast in this luxe ferry!
  • Cruising around the Greek islands might sound like a great idea, but these cruises only give you few hours to enjoy the island. You can’t experience Santorini in five hours. Before you know it, it's already time to get back to the cruise ship. That’s what I call a "pointless trip." 
  • You have to ride a donkey in Fira! It’s scary, I know. But is something that you have to do when in Santorini. Bring sunblock, appropriate clothing and footwear for this crazy adventure! Also, expect to smell like donkey for the rest of the day so make sure this is one of your last activities in your itinerary, that way you can go take a shower right after.
  • Explore multiple boutiques and souvenirs stores! I found beautiful pieces of clothing and unique souvenirs to bring back with me. 
  • Book your transfer from Airport/Port to hotel in advance. Good luck getting a taxi while trying to walk towards the transportation service along with all the people that didn’t book a transfer!
  • If you stroll upon a Doctor Fish spa, you must get a massage! 15-minute session is all you need to cross this experience off your bucket list. Imagine hundreds of little fishes biting your feet to remove all your dead skin.Don't worry, it doesn't hurt at all.
  • You can't go to Santorini and not visit the island’s most prestigious wineries. Book a wine tour to get the full experience! An afternoon of sipping great local wine and savoring delicious greek delights thought the length of the tour. Yes, please! 
  • Watch the sunset from various locations throughout your stay in Santorini. For example, admire the sunset from a different town every day or book a sunset dinner cruise to enjoy the golden hour at sea.


  1. I absolutely loved Santorini! Although it’s been seven years for me since that visit, it still is the most beautiful place I have seen to this day. Next time you go, then I also suggest either renting an ATV or scooter to drive around the island to check out the different beaches.

    In particular, there are three specific ones to visit – the Black Beach, the White Beach, and the Red Beach. Due to the volcanic activity in this area, Santorini’s coloured beaches are some of the rarest, most beautiful ones that you will see anyone in the world.

    • Mariella says

      Thank you for your comment, Ray! 🙂 I loved Greece, definitely want to go back there 🙂

  2. I really want to go here! I just really want to see those amazing views and I love the Greek way of life – just so relaxing!

    • Mariella says

      Hi Laura – Greece is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been! If you get a chance to go to Greece make sure to do Athens, Mykonos and Santorini 🙂 Safe Travels. – Mariella

  3. Your pictures are beautiful… I really want to go here or even better live in one of those white houses with blue shutters.

    • Mariella says

      When I arrived to Santorini I decided that at some point in my life I would rent a house in Oia and move there for a Summer haha 🙂

  4. Wow those pictures are beautiful. I definitely want to go back one day, as I only visited for the day on a cruise and never had enough time to explore more.

    • Mariella says

      Definitely come back! When you visit with a cruise you only stay there for a couple of hours, but Greece needs more time for sure 🙂

    • Mariella says

      Your country is beautiful Penelopi! I loved Greece hope I can go back soon 🙂

  5. Amazing pics! These touches of blue on the white houses are perfect. And thank you for sharing your tips. I had no idea there were wineries there. It really sounds like the perfect place to visit. I hope I’ll make it there one day 🙂

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