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What To See & Do in Mykonos

Grey, blue and white.. the three colors of Mykonos. Let's take a closer look at the wonderful paradise that Mykonos is all about! This small island has more to offer than any major city in the world. In terms of quantity, maybe not. But Mykonos is all about unique sights of nature and architecture with a relaxation feel.

I spent four days in Mykonos but I wish I could stay there for at least a week. Although touristy activities are limited in the island, Mykonos offers the perfect spot for an afternoon to read your favorite book while listening to the waves of the ocean and the birds singing nearby. Add some cocktails to that equation and boom! What's not to love?

Here's a list of things you must see & do:

1) Get lost in Old Mykonos!

2) Watch the sunset from Little Venice

3) Take a picture in Mykonos' smallest street!

See if you can fit through. (I did haha) 

4) Spot "Petros", Mykonos' only pelican!

Isn't he adorable? Locals always make sure he's well fed. #SoSpoiled 

5) Visit the Mills, located nearby little venice

The mills don't work anymore, but they are part of Mykonos' history. Just another landmark that cannot be missed! 

6) Visit Delos

Spend the day at sea by booking a day tour to Delos, an small island located near Mykonos. Here you can find ancient history from the civilization that lived there around 400 B.C. Make sure you book a tour guide to walk you through the archeological site so you can get all the facts and history right. 

7) Take a road trip around the island and visit all the beaches of Mykonos!

From North to South, there are multiple beaches around the island. If you like to go on adventures, make sure to rent a car and drive yourself to each beach. If you are in the mood of partying, just catch a bus that serves as a shuttle for tourists. The bus station is located in central Mykonos, approx. 7 min walk from old Mykonos town. 

8) Don't forget to spot the famous Mykonos' church

For a better picture, make sure you climb the steps of the church. (That's what I did haha)

9) Learn to cook traditional greek dishes with Teta!

The cooking class that Teta offers to tourist is a must! Learn all about greek cuisine and culture while savoring delicious dishes. To learn more visit my "What To Eat in Greece: Cooking Class!" blog post. 

10) Stay at the Golden Star Hotel!

For great amenities and comfort accommodation, look no further than the Golden Star Hotel! Perfect location and includes everything you need to make your stay an unforgettable experience.

Check out my hotel review in my "Where To Stay in Greece: Athens, Mykonos and Santorini" blog post. 

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