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Slothing Around in Costa Rica

If you go to Costa Rica, you have to learn about Sloths. These little animals sleep and eat most of the day! But what makes them stand out is the very slow pace they move.

The Sloth Sanctuary located just a couple miles from the town of Limón in the Caribbean is a very well known research and veterinary center with a full focus on this little animals. Is worth the visit and your visit supports the care of Sloths that need medical assistance or are no longer able to live in the jungle by its own.

The tour takes approx. two hours, plenty of time for your to get as much as informed about sloths haha

Here are some interesting facts I learned during my visit to the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica:

  • There are two species of Sloths in Costa Rica. The ones with 2 fingers and the ones with 3 fingers. That’s the only difference they have between the species! The 3 finger sloth has the ability to swim.
  • The Sloth’s average lifespan is 40 years old.
  • 75% of the sloths that arrive to the Sanctuary for any kind of care are fit to go back to the jungle. The remaining 15% become a permanent resident.
  • Sloths move in slow-motion because they have very low energy levels and a slow metabolism.
  • They only go to the bathroom once a week. When it’s time to go, the climb the tree down and make a hole in the ground to defecate all the accumulated feces.
  • The Sloth name means “Lazy” and “Slow” in every language in the world.
  • In order to reproduce, the male is not selective about the partner. Mating takes an average of 40-seconds and the pregnancy lasts 11-months.
  • When the baby Sloth is born, the mother teaches the puppy for an entire year. After the educational year, mom and baby part their ways.
  • In Costa Rica, Sloth's main causes of death are: Being run over by a car in the highway or being electrocuted.
  • Their main predator is the Harpy Eagle, crocodiles, big cats and humans.

Cool, right? Who knew these cute lazy guys were so interesting. 

After the tour you get to explore the jungle in a canoe. 

So peaceful...

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