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Taking A Moment To Think About Life

Earlier today my friend Juan Camilo and I had the chance to reflect on the reason behind our crazy and adventurous lifestyles. Our lifestyles are very similar, there’s no denying it. We both travel the world, seek adventure and learning is our passion and ultimate goal. But why are we this way? Why not just settle in one place, raise a family and be just like other people in today's society? Here’s why.

Looking back, I can say with complete confidence that the moment one of our closest friend past away changed my life forever. Without notice, she was gone in one blink. As traumatic and sad this tragic event affected our lives, I’ve come to realize that this is what changed my perspective towards living everyday like it’s the last one. One day my friend was alive, and the next one she was gone.

This eye-opening experience taught me (the hard way) that no one has their life guaranteed. Yes, we all want to grow old and live a long life. Maybe that’s what you think your life is going to turn out (and maybe it will), but what if that’s not the case? My passion for travel, adventure and the desire to see it all comes from this experience. I like to believe that I live the way I do because my friend couldn’t experience any of this.

Love your life, because if you don’t then why bother living at all? Loving your life brings happiness and happiness is everything (at least for me it is). Learn to live your life without listening to anyone’s opinions and stop worrying what others might think of you.

Your life is yours to live the way you intend to live it. No one else, just you. Once you learn to shut down all the negativity, you can reach authentic happiness. Part of me truly changed when listening to other’s opinions on what’s right and wrong  was no longer an option. Be whoever you want to be, life is too short to live up to other people’s expectations.

I once read a quote by Charles R. Swindoll that said "Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. That moment I realized that you (and only you) can create the life you intend to live.


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