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Hello Madrid, I’m Back (Again)!

          A year ago, three of my friends decided to get their master's degree in Madrid. Since then, their social media posts are nothing but fun. The “I should visit.” phrase was always on my mind. And I wasn’t alone. Suddenly, all my friends decided to book their plane tickets.

          My friends are having the time of their lives, and it brings me so much joy to see them having fun in Europe every day. Every. Single. Day they have something planned that is sure to become an unforgettable moment.

          Last month, I was randomly looking at plane tickets to see if I could possibly (maybe) go visit them for a few days. Luckily for me, I found a ticket so cheap that I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. At first I was like “Wait, where’s the trick? There has to be something wrong here?” But no, it was pure luck. Without hesitation, I booked it. And just like that I could see myself drinking sangria with my friends all day long.

          Spain is amazing. The more I visit, the more I like it. And the more I like it, the more I see myself living there. It sounds crazy to me because the Mariella from two years ago would never even consider moving out of the United States haha.

           My friends are the best, there’s no denying it. Apart from my friends that live in Madrid, I have another friend (my best friend, actually) living in Barcelona. I told him about my spontaneous trip to Madrid and somehow he got to join us that weekend. I later learned that him and his fiance spent 7 hours (SEVEN HOURS!?) in a bus just so we could see each other. I couldn’t believe it. They were stuck in a bus for seven hours just to see me. I felt so much joy to know the kind of friend Marcos is to me. And if it was the other way around, without doubt, I would’ve done the same thing.

          Three days in Madrid is not enough, but I made sure to take advantage of every minute of the day (and night, of course haha).

Here’s a quick recap of our fabulous activities in cold Madrid:

1. No visit to Madrid is complete without snapping a picture with La Puerta de Alcalá


2. A long walk in Parque del Retiro is a must-do!

And don’t forget to stop by to take pictures 🙂

3. Stroll upon El Palacio de Cristal, an architectural masterpiece.

Afterwards, have lunch at “El Perro y la Galleta”. Conveniently located within 5 mins from La Puerta de Alcalá and El Parque del Retiro.

4. Visit the Temple of Debod at Sunset!

Beautiful views radiate during Madrid’s Golden hour.

5. When in Madrid, go to a Real Madrid game.

Definitely worth the visit! Even if you don’t like soccer you are going to enjoy the experience no matter what. I’m not into soccer at all, but at the end of the game I was cheering “Hala Madrid!!”  Besides, my friend Marcos is a die hard fan and made sure we had great seats to watch the game. (That’s always a plus!)

6. Walk from La Puerta de Alcalá to El Palacio Real de Madrid.

A long walk, but worth it every second. You can experience Madrid’s true essence when walking throughout this route. Also, you stroll upon multiple must-see’s spots. Such as, La Plaza de España, Plaza Mayor, Gran Vía, El Mercado de San Miguel and much more.      

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