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I have this innate feeling to be where I am not. This little voice inside me whispers “go,” it makes me think that maybe it is better to be somewhere else. Is it better? Yes? No? If I always want to be somewhere else, how can I ever enjoy where I am? I fear that I will want to leave when the place where I am not, becomes the place where I am. It can be dangerous because it takes away from the place that I am, but thrilling because I can push myself to experience new things.


I have to walk a fine line, and the key is balance. If the longing to be somewhere else overcomes the ability to appreciate where I am, no place will ever make me happy. Conversely, if I grow too content with where I am then I will never leave. I think the answer lies somewhere in the middle. I need an ability to appreciate where I am while knowing that there are other places that will also be fulfilling. My bio says, “I want to be where I am not”. This desire must not control me and I should not suppress it. I have to guide it in the same way a captain adjusts the sails for the direction of the wind.



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The earliest memory I have of traveling is from when I was 6 years old. My parents took my siblings and I to Santiago de Queretaro in my native country of Mexico. I remember being overcome with an intense mix of uneasy and excited emotions as we arrived. It is as if my mind was trying to comprehend all the new things it was seeing. 3 years later my family moved to Miami from Mexico and that same feeling returned my father drove through the city to our new home. When going somewhere new, I still experience this same blend of emotions as I exit the front door of the airport. This beautiful, yet frightening feeling is part of what motivates me to visit new places. I want to conquer the nervousness and revel in the excitement.

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