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How To Overcome Jet Lag: Here’s What You Need to Do

Having Jet Lag is horrible, simply put. There’s no other way to explain how awful the experience of having a bad night's sleep feels like. That moment when your body simply cannot function anymore. Over the past years I’ve learned how to overcome Jet Lag by simply following the advice below.

Sadly for me I had to learn the hard way and experience complete exhaustion a couple of times until I learned to train my body. The following advice is for people traveling “across the pond” (America to Europe for example) on an overnight flight not longer than 10 hours. Here’s what you need to do:

Before the flight:

 "Planning ahead is always a good idea."

Get a good night sleep the night prior to your overnight flight! Thumbs up for a well rested body ready to travel! Lol

When booking plane tickets, think red-eye. Usually, transatlantic flights from West to East are red-eyes. I highly recommend to book a red-eye flight in order to adjust to the destination's schedule easier.  

Gather all your in-flight must-haves to sleep on a plane.  Make a list of things you need, such as: travel size blanket, travel pillow, sleep aid medication, earplugs, eye cover etc. Make sure you have all these on handy!

    • Drug-free option? I sometimes like to listen to hypnosis or meditation audio recordings to aid sleep naturally.

    During the flight:


    Just Sleep and do everything possible to stay asleep. Go to sleep after dinner, which is usually served within the first hour. After your tummy is full and happy, get all your travel sleep accessories on and Zzz…

    Yes for sleep-aid medication! I always take sleep aid medication when traveling on red-eye flights. I like to take Dream Water, a calming tea that aids sleep naturally and a dose ZzzQuil sleeping pill.


    Upon arrival to destination:

    Sleeping sitting down wasn’t so bad after all?”

    But first, Coffee! Double-shot espresso is always a yes. Even though you already slept and feel well rested, your body thinks it's the middle of the night. Make sure caffeine is always handy when feeling tired throughout the day, but no coffee allowed after 5:00 PM.

    Naps are a strict No-No. Whatever you do, do not give in. You body needs to stay awake and active throughout the day for your body to adjust to the schedule. If you need to stay awake throughout the day and nothing seems to work in your favor, try the following:

    • Make sure you are fully hydrated! Complete hydration gives your body energy.
    • Stay fully active throughout the day - I highly suggest walking long distances and being on your feet for the most part of your day.
    • Chew gum! It keeps your mind and body active.
    • Splash your face with water and wash your hands thoroughly - preferably multiple times a day. Repeat as needed.

    Schedule your bed-time. You made it throughout the day, hooray! Now go to sleep early and wake up refreshed and rested the next day.




    As long as you respect your sleep schedule and follow the tips I mentioned above, overcoming Jet Lag is be a piece of cake!

    How about you? Do you have any additional tips you would like to add? Would love to hear from you below.

    Until next trip,


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