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The Packing Hacker: For Anyone That Wants To Take Everything

“Going on a trip. Need about 4 outfits. I’ve packed 35 just in case”

Being a fashion student, living in New York City, definitely shaped my personal style and made me work harder in order to put together fabulous outfits to get instagrammable pics for my posts.

I love fashion as much as I love traveling, and I know hot it feels to want to take everything you own with you so you “don’t forget anything.” These past three years in fashion school have refined my ability to pull out looks for my travels. Travel officials are constantly accusing me of having life threaten accessories not suitable for air travel. For me, going through airport security is a complete nightmare. (Yes people, this happened to me.)

It is possible to look A-MA-ZING without losing your style to a very un-polished parka, I promise. So here are my tips to travel with less than 23 kilos and killer outfits:

1. Plan ahead your looks

Check if you have everything you need for the particular place you are traveling to a few weeks before your trip and if you don't have something get it before it's too late. You’ll end up freezing if you don't have the right sweater or you are not going to be let in to places if all your clothes are too tight or too short (Thailand for example) The absolute worse thing you can do is throw everything you think its cute two hours before your plane takes off because other things are going to be in your mind and you know I'm right!

2. Don’t freeze your style

When traveling to a cold weather destination there is one key to great style. OUTWEAR, OUTWEAR, OUTWEAR!! Coats are your best friend and what you’ll be photographed with most.
( Nordstrom, Intermix and H&M have great options) So instead of travelling with 10 different jeans and too many tops, pick warm sweaters and stick to neutral colors for your turtle necks and chunky scarves that you can wear multiple times (orange is NOT the new black)

3. Accessorise right

You are traveling!!! Take that backpack and that cross body, you are going to be tempted to take bags and other accessories that you are not going to wear (trust me) Take a few of your favorite pieces of jewellery (they can take your outfit to the next level) and travel friendly hats that won’t be a burden to carry. Remember, if you think it about it twice, leave it.

4. The right footwear

Now that sneakers are in, we have the perfect excuse to wear them everywhere (YES!) So when travelling abroad and every other day of your life basically, trade ballerinas for a pair of cool kicks. They not just look amazing but they are very comfortable for long walks and hectic days.

5. To-go Makeup

Pick your favorite shades of lipstick and your daily makeup. Between all the mascaras, concealers, foundations, blushes and so much more I'm sure you own, pick the essentials, those things you wear on a daily basis because makeup can be very heavy and there is a big chance something may break or spill if there is a lot going on in your bag. So remember to “Explore the world with an open mind, a sturdy carry on and clothes that won't wrinkle” now you are ready to take off.



About The Author

My name is Andrea Almeyda I am a  student at Parsons the New School for Design which is the reason I live in New York City.  I have been traveling since I'm very young but became passionate about traveling at the age of 15 when I decided to go to Dubai and fell in love with discovering new cultures and places that have now shaped me to who I am. I was born and bread in Guayaquil, Ecuador where my curiosity and passion for the unknown was developed, leading me to move abroad at the age of 18. Now at the age of 20, I have traveled to 18 countries (and counting) hoping to one day have the whole world crossed out of my bucket list.  Hopefully that's a journey we will live together. 

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