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Time To Take a Break From Traveling (Wait, What?)

“Hey Mariella, when is your next trip?” seems to be the most popular question I get asked lately. What if I tell you that (for the first time in four years) I have no idea what my next adventure entails? The answer is simple: I’m exhausted...

Many people think traveling the world is all leisure, but truth is one has to invest a lot of time and energy to make it happen. Trip after trip after trip after trip and being constantly moving from place to place gets old. And if I continue traveling the world at this pace, I’ll eventually burnout.

That’s why I’ve decided to take a three month break. Taking a break from traveling is the way to go when you feel like your inner wanderlust is not the same as it was before. It’s normal - it happens to everyone.I’m not going to lie, It’s a strange feeling not looking forward to an upcoming trip. But I do believe this break it’s going to be good for me! When I’m ready to travel again, I’ll be fully energized and ready to go on my next adventure. Here’s what I am going to focus on:



  • Reconnect with old friends -Losing touch with friends is normal for a world traveler. Being on the road makes it hard to stay up to date with all your friend’s news. Now that I am back, my goal is to reconnect and spend quality time with them.
  • Get to know Miami (Again) - I feel like every conversation my friends have involves the opening of a new lounge or trendy restaurant that I (of course) never been. With a city as vibrant as Miami, there’s always someplace new that drives the crowd.
  • Read about Travel and discover new places to visit - More free time means more reads! Nothing better than an afternoon enjoying a good book along with a cup of tea…
  • Have a routine - I can’t remember the last time I followed a day-to-day schedule…
  • Eat healthy and exercise regularly - Traveling the world and dieting does not mix. It’s impossible to diet when you’re constantly traveling. Same goes to exercising on a daily basis - Only crazy people workout when on vacation! Right?



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