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Travel Thoughts: United Airlines Customer Service Gone Wrong

It's been a very bad month for United Airlines. If you haven’t heard, the airline’s bad customer service is trending on social media. Two major scandals happened in only one month.


Scandal # 1: Two girls were denied access to board becuase they were wearing leggings.


United Airlines’ employee pointed out to the two passengers that they were inappropriately dressed to board the plane. I’m sorry, but leggings are not “inappropriate” clothing for a domestic flight. What’s inappropriate? Swimwear without a cover up, crop tops, extremely short skirts, etc.


Yes, I’ve seen multiple people wear these on flights before. What did the airline do? Nothing… Because it’s not the airline's problem. Right?


In my opinion, inappropriate clothing would be if there’s graphic violence or pronographic scenes on someone’s shirt. I’m I right? Another example would be if the passenger's clothes were too revealing.

United Airlines apologized via social media due to the scandal.

Strike 1 for United Airlines!

Scandal # 2: Passenger was aggressively dragged off the plane because the airline overbooked its flight.


I thought the leggings scandal was big until I read about the latest United Airlines horrific scenario. What happened? The airline overbooked the flight and when no one wanted to volunteer to give up their seat on the plane, the crew decided to randomly select a passenger to take off the plane.


One of the passengers (who already boarded the plane by the way) selected to deplane refused politely because he needed to be at his final destination by that evening.

Apparently he was asked politely multiple times but he still refused to leave. Here’s what happened:

Oscar Munoz, CEO of United Airlines, apologized for what happened in United Express Flight 3411:


In my opinion, he HAD to apologize but his response was not sufficient taking in consideration the magnitude of what happened.

Strike 2 for United Airlines!

Scandal # 3: Scorpion Drops Onto Calgary Man's Head During United Airlines Flight

Strike 3 for United Airlines!

After all these scandals I can say with complete confidence that United Airlines is completely F&%%&#. I feel so sorry for these passengers! I would sue the airline (for sure). The airline has to do something to regain their reputation, but honestly I don’t see that happening any time soon. Good luck, United Airlines!


PS - I’ll never ever flight United Airlines.. mark my words!


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