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Travel Thoughts: Boarding Passes And The Art Of Collecting Them

Fun Fact: Every time I travel I prefer to print out my boarding pass because I like to collect them all. (Is that weird?)

What do you do with your boarding passes? When I was little I remember my mom always telling me: “Mariella -make sure you hold on to to your boarding pass for your scrapbook” but times have changed.

Nowadays we depend on technology. Electronic boarding passes are, without a doubt, a more convenient way to travel, but what’s the fun in that?

Until this day, I save every boarding pass of every flight I take. (Yes, I have a lot of them and I love them!!!)



I don't know why but every time I take a moment to go through my collection, It makes me smile and remember the trip or the specific airplane I boarded.


For example, every time I see my boarding pass from Bangkok to Cambodia I literally laugh out loud because of my experience trying to board this plane. Long story short: I missed my connection and I had to run at least 30 minutes to the other side of the airport in order to board my plane. I, of course, had to go through security and (of course) I fell down the stairs trying to rush to the gate. It was an experience!


The thing is, we do not usually take pictures of our experiences at airports. But truth is there’s always something happening in the process of getting to your destination. Whether it's your visa is expired or the airline misplaces your luggage, there’s always something to tell (or whine) about airlines.


If I didn't have a blog or saved my boarding passes, I don’t think I would remember my experience from that airport chaos. My advice is to always hold on to the things that can eventually remind you of an experience. Nothing is more valuable than your memories. Years from now you’ll be glad you did.


Until next trip, 

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