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Honoring Mom

This week is very important for me. Not only its my mom’s birthday today, but this upcoming Sunday is Mother’s Day.  That’s why I decided to honor my mom with this thank you letter:

Three years ago my mom and I made a pact: Every year we will take a mother-daughter only trip. The tradition started in 2014, and since then we make sure to take our yearly trip.

Traveling with my mom is the best. She is by far the best travel partner someone could ever have. The first time we visited Australia and New Zealand. The following year we felt more adventurous and traveled to Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. Last year we opter for something more relaxing so we decided to visit Greece.

Here's why my Mom the best travel buddy:

1. Because she makes sure every picture she takes of me  is just the way I wanted it to be.
2. Because she always makes sure we do all the activities I want to do.

(even if she’s not included.)

3. Because she never complains. No matter what, she always has a smile in her face.

4. Because we laughs all day, every day of our trip.
5. Because she makes sure to purchase Lonely Planet’s travel guides and read them out load for me to learn.
6. Because we’re always on the same page.


Mom: Want to have lunch? | Me: Yes. | Mom: Good. Me too!”

Mom: Want to go back the hotel to take a nap? | Me: You read my mind!”

Mom: Do you want to take this tour? | Me: No, It looks like it's not worth it. | Mom: I was thinking the same thing!”


7. Because she always prefer the window seat!

(So do I, but of course I always give it to her because I know she likes it.)

8. Because when I get upgraded to first class she refuses to take my seat.
9. Because she taught me the secret to booking the best hotels.

Hint: Always located in downtown of the city.

10. Because she always buys me all the souvenirs I like.

Thank you for the multiple books and necklaces I have thanks to you! 🙂

11. Because she always wants to have a good time!
12. Because we always laugh at each other when one of us fall.

(Haha I don't know why, but we fell at least once in every trip we go.)

13. Because she’s always willing to carry my protein bars and Splendas in her purse
14. Because she's the best!

...And the most beautiful and photogenic mother ever.

Thank you, Mom! For being the best travel buddy. My travel experiences to these place wouldn’t have been the same if it wasn't for you.

- Mariella

📍Athens, Greece

📍Sydney, Australia

📍Mykonos, Greece

📍Auckland, New Zealand

📍Hanoi, Vietnam

📍Santorini, Greece

📍Bangkok, Thailand


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