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Hotel Review: The Radisson Blu Berlin

6 Reasons Why You Should Stay In The Radisson Blu Berlin:

1. Conveniently located in the heart of Berlin’s city center. Berlin’s main happenings found in this area.

2. Amazing room views! If you’re lucky, you can wake up to the stunning Berlin’s Cathedral right outside from your balcony.


3. The Danube River’s boat tours depart right down the street from your hotel’s main entrance.

4. The interior decor is out of this world. As soon as you enter, you’ll stumble upon a giant aquarium from floor to ceiling) right in the middle of the lobby.


5. Eat to your heart's content with their delicious in-room dining offerings!

No need to worry if you get hungry after hours, the in-room service is available 24/7. (Selected menu items only.) 

6. After a long day of touring Berlin, the sight of your bed brings pure happiness.

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