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Following Harry Potter

Last month I got the opportunity to sneak out of school with my family and travel around the U.K. for 6 days. My trips are normally longer as I like to take time on each place when travelling, but because of the small time gap, I challenge myself into putting together an interesting itinerary that would transcend the typical touristic activities. My family was set on going to London, Oxford and Edinburgh, in that moment I automatically thought of Harry Potter.

As an all time Harry Potter fan, it made sense that if I was already going to these places where the Harry Potter saga was inspired and filmed, I could make time to visit some of the locations that created the ambiance for the story. After researching and narrowing down which places we must not miss, I organised a  6 day, self-guided Harry Potter tour around these three cities.

Day 1

Starting in London, we visited Piccadilly Circus where Harry, Ron and Hermione appeared after running away from the Death Eaters at Bill and Fleur’s wedding, St Pancreas Station, the station where Harry took the Hogwarts Express and Leadenhall Market, where Diagon Alley was filmed in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

Day 2

The next day we had breakfast and were off to Oxford, we visited the Boolean Library which was the Hogwarts Infirmary in the films and the “Great Hall” at Christ Church College, which served as inspiration for the Great hall for the movie.

Day 3

We returned to London in order to catch our train to Edinburgh. We headed to London King’s Cross where we stop by Platform 9 3/4 (in the middle of platform 9 and 10) which includes a trolley going through the wall as it were crossing it and a gift shop of the platform 9 ¾. here you can find all kinds of Harry Potter merchandise. After this stop we took our train at Kings Cross station and left for Edinburgh.

Day 4

We arrived at Edinburgh during night time reaching half of our trip. Next day we woke up early to stroll around the city where we made a stop at Elephant Cafe, where J.K. Rowling started writing the saga as Edinburgh was her home during that time and we visited Greyfriar’s Kirkyard graveyard, our last Harry Potter stop during this trip, which was J.K. Rowling’s original inspiration for Tom Riddle’s graveyard in the Goblet of Fire.

Day 5

Day five was dedicated to Edinburgh's castles, whiskeys and cashmere which we enjoyed greatly. At night, we took our train back to London and went back home the next day.

If you have more time, I highly suggest going to the reptile house inside the London Zoo, where Harry first discover his powers, the Warner Bros studio where there is a specific Harry Potter tour (book this in advance)  and the play Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Part 1 and 2 which is set in the years after  the final book.

Hopefully next time you choose to travel the U.K., you’ll stop by some of these places and bring Harry to life.

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Andrea Almeyda

My name is Andrea Almeyda I am a  student at Parsons the New School for Design which is the reason I live in New York City.  I have been traveling since I'm very young but became passionate about traveling at the age of 15 when I decided to go to Dubai and fell in love with discovering new cultures and places that have now shaped me to who I am. I was born and bread in Guayaquil, Ecuador where my curiosity and passion for the unknown was developed, leading me to move abroad at the age of 18. Now at the age of 20, I have traveled to 18 countries (and counting) hoping to one day have the whole world crossed out of my bucket list.  Hopefully that's a journey we will live together.

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  1. María Elena Noboa says

    It seems amazing the Harry Potter tour – thank you Andrea for the tips – I hope to do it in the near future – I can see that you enjoyed this trip trip.

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