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Travel Thoughts: If You Live In Fear, Is That Living at All? Nope.

Not too long ago, an old friend from home called me to get together and catch up. “Sure, let’s meet at 9 pm then” I said. Last time I saw her, she mentioned she wanted to go to Madrid to study abroad. When I asked her how was it? She responded: “It was great, until it lasted!” I was confused by her answer... What happened?

Two weeks after her arrival to Madrid, she decided to pack all her belongings and head back home. From one day to another, she just said “I’m leaving!” I couldn’t imagine what was I hearing. But why though?

“I was scared of the terrorists attacks… When I was in Madrid, there were multiple threats of attacking another city in Europe. That city could have been Madrid, so to play it safe I just decided to go back home…”

Wait.. WHAT?

If you live in fear, is that living at all? Fear can be a terrible thing, and it restricts us from experiencing new things in life. My mom always used to say: “ When your time comes, it comes.”

Living means overcoming your fears. When fear gets in the way of living the life you wanted, then that is not living life to the fullest. Life happens outside your comfort zone.

I agree with being afraid of terrorist attacks, specially when visiting Europe in the present day. But to stop doing what you want because something might or might not happen is a waste of your life. My friend had a great opportunity to learn, grow up, meet new people and experience new things…. all of that to the trash. For me, that’s like throwing away a part of your soul to the garbage. Don’t you think?

PS - Of course, there were no terrorist attacks during those 4 months she was supposed to stay in Spain…

Live life to the fullest and take advantage of what life brings to you, some opportunities just come once in a lifetime.


About The Author

Mariella Molestina Noboa

The art of saying "Yes!" can take you far away. Many people pass on opportunities for many reasons, one of them being fear. Through my life I've encounter many people that forget to live the present for something that might not even happen in the future. If you are constantly waiting for the right time to finally do something, like fulfill your life dream, you are going to spend most of your life waiting.

My name is Mariella and I created this blog as a source of inspiration for others to believe they can live the life they always pictured. The secret? Believe you can and take action. The world awaits!



    • Mariella says

      Exactly! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. The thought of not living just because she’s afraid bothered me so much haha

  1. Yes so true, completely agree. Think we have proved we do that in the UK with everything happening at the moment

    • Mariella says

      Exactly! Like its good to be cautious, but when it stops you from living is when it becomes a problem. 🙂

  2. Completely agree. I think the media has us unfairly view risk. The chances of being in a car accident are higher then a terrorist attack and yet we get in cars everyday and drive and accept that risk.

    • Mariella says

      Couldn’t agree more! My mom’s friend from high school once told her how his father went to war and came back after it ended. The following week he was hit by a bus and died. When your time comes, it comes. My mother’s friend dad was exposed to such danger and his possibilities of returning back home alive were low, yet he survived and died in an accident. Something to think about 🙂

  3. I so agree. I’m an American living in Berlin, and when that attack happened at the Christmas market this year the response was ridiculous. I’m not saying it isn’t horrible, of course it’s absolutely terrible and sad, but most of the responses I saw, to me, were sensationalized for entertainment value. The Facebook “Check-In” feature also declared it a terrorist attack before it was even close to being confirmed, which I found irresponsible. I got so many Facebook messages from people I hadn’t heard from in YEARS, and it just seemed very unauthentic to me, like they just wanted to make a big deal about their FRIEND IN BERLIN or something. But maybe I’m just a jaded asshole, haha. At the same time there was actual WAR going on elsewhere, so in comparison it seemed ridiculous. I don’t understand these types of people, basically.

    • Mariella says

      OMG Nicole – I totally get you! I travel quite often to Europe and when there’s a terrorist attack my friends always ask me if Im ok.. but then Im like “they know I’m in Switzerland and NOT in Brussels?” It bothers me the fact that they need to check on me “because I was in Europe” i wasn’t even in the city were the attack was haha I mean the reaction is just “UGH why there’s people like this!” haha

  4. I mean, there are terrorist attacks in the US what seems monthly, so if you lived by that philosophy, you’d never go anywhere… The media has created a heightened awareness and collective sense of panic, I fear.

    • Mariella says

      Yes – couldn’t agree more! Also I feel like our generation tends to overreact to the news heard or read on the media. I don’t know, i just feel like everyone makes such a big deal out of any (whether terrorist attach or not) article out there. Its just concerning… xoxo – Mariella

  5. Great post, and you’re completely right. I’m from (and live in) the UK, so I’m living this right now. I had theatre tickets in Manchester a few days after the recent attack, and of course I went! I also grew up near London in the 1980s when terrorist attacks were frequent and real, so I know what it is to get on with things.

    Very few people actually get injured in these situations – of course some are unlucky, but it’s a very small number. It’s a cliché, but you really are far more likely to die in a car accident than from terrorism. If you don’t give up travelling by car, why would you give up anything else?!

  6. Oh, such a shame that your friend went home earlier. I mean, sure, I understand the fear, but it can just happen anywhere, and it doesn’t mean that you are safer if you stay at home. Sometimes one just has to let go and enjoy life! 🙂

    • Mariella says

      Exactly! What bothers me the most of this situation was the fact that she could’ve had an amazing time abroad and she missed this “chapter” of her life because she was afraid. I want to believe that was her excuse for not liking living in Europe or far from home for that matter.

  7. Juan Camilo says

    the fear of suffering is greater than the suffering itself. May everyone learn that lesson rather sooner than later! Happy traveling

  8. I can’t agree more. I am a Spanish girl living in Istanbul since 2015 and you can’t imagine how many times I have heard my family and friends asking me to leave Turkey and move somewhere ‘safer’. I always answer the same: life is full of risks and although leaving Istanbul may reduce the small possibility of dying victim of a terror attack, moving would probably make me die of sadness. I am happy here and I won’t give up on my dreams because of fear 🙂 Sorry that your friend gave up and did not enjoy my beautiful country!

  9. I say let everyone live the life they want to live. If you want to live in Europe, but attacks scare you away, maybe you aren’t cut out for it. Maybe you should go back to where you feel safe. But that “SAFE PLACE” is completely subjective and arbitrary.

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