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Photographic Proof That Greece Has The Best Sunsets 

Life is full of beauty, is up to us to find it…

I feel so peaceful every time I look at the pictures I took in Greece. I don't think I've ever seen a sunset this beautiful! Stunning sunset views, whether you are in Athens or in Santorini, the views are simply unbelievable.

When you experience something so simple, yet so mesmerizing it allow us to reflect on the things we take for granted. Think about it: for locals in Santorini, they watch the same spectacular sunset every day. Do you think they appreciate it? or simply ignore it?

- Mariella




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Mariella Molestina Noboa

The art of saying "Yes!" can take you far away. Many people pass on opportunities for many reasons, one of them being fear. Through my life I've encounter many people that forget to live the present for something that might not even happen in the future. If you are constantly waiting for the right time to finally do something, like fulfill your life dream, you are going to spend most of your life waiting.

My name is Mariella and I created this blog as a source of inspiration for others to believe they can live the life they always pictured. The secret? Believe you can and take action. The world awaits!


  1. I have been to Greece twice -Kos and the peninsula Thessaloniki. Honestly I don’t remember the sunsets anymore but according to your pictures I wouldn’t doubt that Greece has the best sunsets. Your pics looks stunning 🙂

    • Mariella says

      Hi Rosalie – Oia in Santorini is truly magical! By far my favorite. 🙂 Safe travels. – Mariella

  2. I live in Istanbul and Greece is just about an hour’s flight away from me. And yet, I have never been there! These are some amazing sunset shots you got here 🙂 Greece is such a beautiful country with beautiful people. I am planning to visit next year hopefully!

    And about taking the sunsets for granted, I think that we all do this somehow, when we have something so beautiful that we see every day, we simply get used to it and even tend to overlook it sometimes. Sometimes, it takes an outsider to really make you see what wonderful things you have 🙂

    • Mariella says

      Hi Hooda – some wise words you got there! So true. We experience sunrises and sunsets every day of our lives, yet we do not go that extra step to actually appreciate it on daily basis. – Mariella

  3. Haha the sunsets are okay — but Greece certainly has one of the most beautiful coastlines!

    • Mariella says

      haha what place in the world would you consider has the best sunsets? My photography skills are so so haha

  4. Firstly, I love your dress in Mykonos. Secondly, I’ve never been to Greece but your photos are amazing. I still have to go with Tasmania having the best sunsets though. I’m probably biased 😉

    • Mariella says

      Hi Katherine – Thank you! oh wow, Tasmania – I’ve never been but I’m looking forward to seeing those sunsets in the future 🙂 Safe travels. – Mariella

  5. Yes! I have SO many sunset photos from my Greece trip a few years ago. They are incredibly beautiful there. Glad you enjoyed the sunsets!

    • Mariella says

      Thank you, Anita! Yes, it was very hard not to take at least one picture every single day haha

  6. Nerissa says

    I just got back from Athens recently and yes I agree the sunsets in Greece are incredible! Love the pictures.

  7. Anisa says

    I love watching sunsets! These pictures are great, I think my favorites are the Santorini ones.

    • Mariella says

      Definitely – Mines too. Santorini is such a magical place! 🙂

  8. caitlin says

    Boy are you right! That view and the beautiful sunset couple together to make one of the greatest views in the world! One day I will be fortunate enough to see this incredible sight 🙂

    • Mariella says

      Thank you, Caitlin! Yes, Greece is a must-go at least once 🙂 safe travels. – Mariella

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