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How To Create A Travel Itinerary For Your Next Trip

How to plan a trip? Easy: organization and attention to detail are key.

Many prefer to use a mobile app for this, Tripit for example. The downside of using this method is that most apps have bugs which can lead to multiple errors. For this reason I created my own template.


Here's what you need to know before starting your itinerary:

  • Dates of trip. Determine how many days you want to travel and how many places would you like to visit
  • Airlines reservations details. Such as, record locator, departing time, arrival time, name of airport etc.
  • A brief idea of what you want to see and do in this trip. (No need to make an extensive research, just yet.)


Once you determine the three key factors above, you're ready to create your itinerary.. I always create a document prior to organizing and planning my travels because it gives me a better picture of what I will be doing on a certain day.

Also, it's very useful. For example: If you need to check your hotel's address, just open the document on your phone. Instead of going to your e-mail to find whatever information you need, this document could save you a headache on your next trip. Headaches are a no-no while on vacay. Ha!

Follow these steps for the ultimate itinerary document:

  1. Create a Word document. Make sure you set up the page horizontal, not vertical.
  2. In the heading section of the document, create a table with six columns.
  3. Next, label the columns with the following:
    1. Date
    2. Location: City/Country
    3. Transportation: Flight/Train
    4. Accommodations: Hotel
    5. Activity
    6. Notes   
  4. Determine how many days you'll stay at the destination. Once you have this number, insert a table (rows). For example, if i'm staying 10 days, i'll insert 10 rows to the table.
  5. In the "Date" section, label each with a specific date. Including month, day and year of the week.
  6. Your table is now ready to fill.


I like to create this table prior to booking any activities, flights or accommodations because thanks to this document I can preview each booking.

The secret is to input the data into the table as soon as you book anything for your trip.

Now, the second part of this process is the information you need to include in each column:

🏨 Hotels:

  • Hotel's Name 
  • Confirmation or reservation number
  • Hotel's address
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Check-in and check-out time
  • Numbers of nights you'll stay.

✈️ Flights:

  • Record Locator
  • Time flight departs
  • Duration of flight
  • Time flight arrives
  • Name of Airport of arrival


🗺 Activity:

  • Name of activity
  • Duration of activity
  • Starting and end time + duration of activity
  • Meeting point (if any)
  • Contact info: phone number and email of guide or person in charge of activity.
  • Link to voucher


  • Anything you'd like to add regarding your trip. Basically, a section where you can draft ideas and add notes for your personal use.
  • I usually include a list of top attractions, travel tips, and things to bring to a specific activity, etc.

Here’s the first two pages of my Greece Itinerary from last year:

You can also download my template by clicking  here.

Hope this helps you create kick-ass itineraries!


Until next trip,


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