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What To Pack For The Galapagos Islands

In this trip you’ll climb mountains, explore underground lava caves, go snorkeling, hike to the beach, swim in the ocean, jump off a cliff and much more.

The Galapagos Islands is every adventurer’s dream come true. For this reason it's best to bring your own equipment to use throughout the length of your stay.


Here’s a list of items you must bring on your trip to the Enchanted Islands:



  • Bathing Suit - Bring one per each day you stay in the islands. Expect to spend most of your day wearing a swimsuit. Also, the majority of activities are water oriented.
  • Snorkeling Set - You can rent your snorkeling set while on your trip, however, if you already own a snorkeling set its best of you bring it with you. The equipment the tour guides provide might not be the best suit for your needs.
  • UV Shirts - You can actually feel the sun rays on your skin! Avoid getting insolation by wearing a UV shirt.
  • Sunblock - Very expensive item to get in the area. Also, there’s a limited stock to choose from. It's best if you bring one from home.
  • Hiking Attire - Active wear, proper footwear, hiking accessories etc. All these can come in handy during your hike!
  • Beach Towel - Always carry a towel with you at all times. Make sure you bring a light travel sized one!
  • Refillable Water Bottle - Keep your hydration levels up!
  • Sunglasses - A must! The sun is so bright at times that maintaining your eyes open is a challenging task.
  • Insect Repellent - Need we say more?
  • Dramamine - If you get easily seasick, Dramamine is your answer. The currents around these islands are very strong. Avoid getting sick by taking this medicine 2 hours prior!
  • Outdoor Sport Hat - A hat is always a good idea to cover your face from unwanted sun!
  • Waterproof Shoes - Galapagos’ volcanic rock is everywhere. For a better experience, choose to go into the water with your waterproof shoes on. The volcanic rock at the bottom of the ocean is uncomfortable to step on.
  • Backpack - Choose a backpack, not big but not too small, to carry all your belongings throughout the day.



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