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Isabela Island, Galapagos: What To See & Do

Isabela is Galapagos’ biggest island. Despite its size, this place is inhabited. To me, this is the most beautiful island off all.

Only in Isabela you can find exotic Galapagos wildlife that are rare to spot on other neighboring islands. There’s something about this place that attracts the most beautiful animals of the archipelago!

A true paradise. Isabela is a place where you can find yourself at one with nature. In only two days, you can see and do all that the island has to offer.

Here’s a list of must-do activities while visiting Isabela Island:

Puerto Villamil - If you’re arriving by boat from a neighboring island, this is your first stop. Admire the beauty of this small port.


Book The Bahia Tour - If you’re visiting, you must book the Bahia tour. In this 3-hour boat tour, you’ll be able to see most of the island’s highlights and top attractions. Make sure you book it in advance.

Get ready to Snorkel - Bring all you snorkel gear because this snorkeling session is going to change your life. Words are not enough to describe how beautiful the underwater sea life is!

Spot Penguins, only in this Island - Did you know Isabela is the only place you can see the Galapagos Penguins? A penguin like no other, these tiny creatures are so cute it will make your heart melt.

Flamingos Bay - Pink, pink and pink! Visit the home of the Galapagos Flamingos.

Hike Isabela's’ active Volcano -  The only active volcano in the entire archipelago! Climb to the top for a stunning panoramic view of the island.

Visit the Wall of Tears - In the 1800’s, Isabela served as a prison. Prisoners from all over the country were sent to Isabela, many of whom took their own lives.

Hungry? Get lunch at The Iguana Crossing Hotel - A beautiful 5-star hotel with stunning oceanfront vistas. The perfect place to enjoy delicious dining al fresco!

Catch some rays at Isabela's beautiful white sanded beach - Unwind and relax at Isabela’s main beach after the long day of activities!

Things To Know:

  • Bring enough cash for the length of your trip. There’s only one ban in the entire island with no ATM services. Also, locals only use cash.
  • You must pay an entrance fee upon arrival to the island. Prices differ from Ecuadorian residents ($2)  and international visitors. ($5)


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  1. The photography opportunities on Galapagos Island are unlimited. The wildlife, the landscape, the travel pics. I need to visit.

  2. Galapagos is quite stunning I must say. I love those flamingoes. I sure would want to capture these sights on my own. Seems perfect for some photography – on land and undersea.

  3. Abigail Sinsona says

    Paradise is definitely a fitting word to describe this island. I’ve had Galapagos Islands on my travel bucket list. Still waiting for the day that I do get to scratch it off! Hopefully soon, and so I can see those flamingos too!

  4. Susanna says

    This looks like an amazing island and great tips regarding the money and such. I would love to go snorkeling here and see those little penguins! What diverse life!

  5. Gosh those photos! Those flamingos!! Never been but word this would be like paradise, to go snorkeling here looks like the perfect spot

  6. Haven’t heard about the place, but have to say this place seems really cool.
    I love those flamingos, really pleasant to see them.

  7. When I visit the Galapagos Islands I’ll definitely book the Bahia Tour in advance. To hike an active volcano sounds fun too as well as all the unique animals. I love your photo with the Iguana, I’ll try make a shot similar to that one when I go.

  8. Anna Schlaht says

    Wow, the water is so pretty! I’d love to go snorkeling and visit the Galapagos flamingos (one of my favorite animals, in fact). The hiking sounds lovely too, especially up a volcano! Eep! Just hope it doesn’t explode while we’re up there. 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  9. Galapagos Islands are beautiful! Places with wildlife is always a plus …but the penguins, the best part! Omg Galapagos Penguins, so cute we love it! Why can’t we just adopt one? Flamingoes look beautiful too. This Island is truly a gem.

  10. Jean says

    Oh your photos are amazing. So many different birds. Makes me want to pack my bags and get to the Galápagos Islands right now!

  11. Galapagos islands are on my priority list! They look so beautiful. And I am glad to read that there are no ATMs on the island. Beautiful places should be left raw and rugged.

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