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Four Reasons To Travel To Dublin

Everyone who had been to Dublin always says this city is a must in your travel to do list. Dublin has everything for everyone. Here are five reasons why you should visit this vibrant city:


They are the coolest, by far. Dublin locals know how to live the right way, always optimistic. If they are having fun, then they know they are doing it right.

The local pub is the place to go after work. There's nothing a large Guinness beer can't solve!


Let's rewind all the way to the 1200's. Discover Irish's history in the Medieval Quarter, learn all about the Dublin Castle, Christ Church and St Patrick’s Cathedral.

Explore other main local attractions with rich history, such as St Stephen's Green and Trinity College. Did you know the majority of museums in Ireland offer free entrance to the public? This includes: the National Gallery, Chester Beatty Library etc.


If you want to get in touch with nature and visit amazing landscapes, then a visit to The Cliffs of Moher suits your needs.

A must visit when in Ireland! Something you definitely don't want to miss.


The party starts as soon as the sun sets (and doesn't end until the sun comes out again). Dublin locals are all about being social and hanging out with friends - this is why this city is SO popular among young adults.

Temple Bar District comes alive at night. Not only is the place to be, but is THE best to be if you're looking for party. Many pubs in this neighborhood offer free live music almost every night of the week.

The party continues even after you leave the pub. Head over to get a delicious late-night meal or enjoy the free live music entertainment in the streets.  

Cheers to Dublin!


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  1. I’ve flown into Dublin many times for a connecting flight, but never stopped over! After reading this, I wish I had now, it looks like a fantastic city full of Guinness, history and stunning natural beauty!
    The Cliffs of Moher looks breathtaking, never realised there were such places in Ireland!

  2. Abigail Sinsona says

    These four reasons are definitely good reasons for those who haven’t contemplated visiting Ireland. But I’ve had this on my travel bucket list for a long time. These reasons only reinforced the need to visit this beautiful country soon. I mean, just the Cliffs of Moher is enough reason to go!

  3. I love Dublin, so much and never get sick of going there. However, of all the times that I have been there, I have yet to make it to The Cliffs of Moher which looks amazing. As for the Temple Bar District is definitely in a league of his own when it comes to partying 🙂

    • Mariella says

      Hi Mel – ah, you must see The cliffs of Moher next time you’re in Ireland!

  4. I’m planning on visit every other country in the world before I visit Ireland so I can have my celebration there! You have mentioned here the Irish lifestyle and nightlife, especially on Temple Street. I didn’t know about the cliffs of Moher but will definitely visit those (before the night out!).

  5. The cliffs of Moher are indeed one of the most picturesque attractions I have come across . My age to visit Dublin grew exponentially after watching a movie shot in the lanes of Dublin. A glass of Guinness is the mother of all cures.

    • Mariella says

      Hi arbav! Thank you for your comment – I couldnt agree more, the Cliffs of moher are sinoly breathtaking

  6. Love it! I actually just visited Dublin for the first time a few months ago and loved it! It was quite rainy though – shocking. 😛

    • Mariella says

      Hi Laura – I also experience a little bit of rain. But the sky cleared up afterwards 🙂 we got great climate !

  7. I am so excited since I will be in Ireland in less than 2 months. Cliffs of Moher is definitely on my list and like you said there is nothing that a Guiness beer cannot solve.

  8. We always love to explore the history of the place we visit and Dublin sounds like a great place for history buffs like the castle, the Christ Church, and St Patrick’s Cathedral. It is interesting to know that most of the Ireland museums offer a free entry. The Cliffs of Moher would definitely be on our list on Dublin visit.

  9. I would like to give Dublin a chance because I have had some bad run-ins with Irish men while traveling, but I know that they don’t represent the entire country. Even though I’m a true city girl, those cliffs look incredibly peaceful and I could make it back to the city for the epic nights you referred to. You’ve definitely aided in shifting some of my views.

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