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A Peek At Dinant in Belgium: The Town Where The Saxophone Was Invented

Curious about the Saxophone's history? This musical instrument was invented in this little town called Dinant in Belgium. Approx. 1hr30 from the city of Brussels.


Locals are very proud of the Saxophone's invention. In almost every corner of any street you can spot a Saxophone. No kidding, I saw at least twelve statues in my one hour visit.


If you're a musician or simply interested in this topic, make sure you visit the museum that briefly explains how the inventor, Adolphe Sax, got the idea to put together the Saxophone. Very interesting! Also, the very first Saxophone every invented is here for you to enjoy. The entire exhibition will take you no more than 30 mins. 



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  1. Okay, can we just talk about how adorable this town is? I grew up playing in bands and groups, but I never stopped to think about where the sax was invented! I wonder if the inventor has any relatives alive today with the last name of Sax. And if they play the sax. Nirvana right there!

  2. Lisa says

    These are some fun photos here, and is a town I’m unfamiliar with! Who knew the sax was invented in Dinant, not me that’s for sure! Good to know it’s only 1hr 30 mins from Brussels, I’ll remember for next time 🙂

  3. This is absolutely adorable and unique! I love discovering quirky towns like this. Who knew Belgium possessed the town where the saxophone was created? 😀

  4. Let me start by letting you know that I totally loved your blogs logo. The city of saxophone looks quite interesting. With so much of history in music, I m sure there would be many music concerts organized in the town. No?

  5. Wow, I had no clue that the saxophone was invented in Dinant, Belgium! As a musician, I would love to visit there and experience everything you mentioned in this post! What a great read!

  6. Quite interesting. I was not aware of this historical town. I loved visiting this kind places where you are not just become a part of the lifestyle of the locals but also their rich culture. I am sure that you had a great time exploring and finding saxophone everywhere.

  7. How cool! I didn’t know the saxophone was invented in Belgium. All the statues are so cute. I hope I can visit someday!

  8. I wish I’d heard of this town when we were in Belgium two years ago. I can imagine how beautiful it is though, Belgium really surprised us with it’s quaint and gorgeous towns. I’m a big sax fan too – the first CD I ever got was Kenny G! Will have to head here next time for sure!

  9. Beautiful post! We had planned on a day-trip from Brussels to Dinant this June. But we overstayed in Antwerp so sadly, had to cancel at the last minute.

  10. what a lovely place! I love to discover places like this, not very famous worldwide but that have somehow contributed to History! I can imagine why these people are proud of their invention

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